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    I’ve read the other forum posts about alphainventions. They now have my blog url, even though I never submitted it. I want my blog out of there, but all the links provided in the other WP forum posts about this don’t work. Can anyone please tell me how to have my blog removed from alphainventions?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    You don’t have to submit it. They just grab what they want and take off running.

    You have to look around at their site and find out how to get them to take you off their system. I suspect they’ve hidden it deep so that you can’t easily find it.



    Hi, thank you. I’ve been all over their site but there is nothing about removal. I’ve emailed them repeatedly, and am now ready to report them. But who to report them to? WP? Can WP block them? The spam & the virus risk (which they admit to on their site) is not something I want.


    No, WP cannot block them. You can check with staff if you wish by using the contact form. Perhaps they know of how to opt out.



    Thank you. How did you finally get your blog out of there?



    I simply wrote to the owner of the blog and asked him not to include me, as his interventions tended to upend my top posts list.
    And he withdrew his “support”.
    He gets lots of thank-you mail. Maybe yours went under. Did you look whether there is a way to address him personally?



    I can say he removed mine very promptly when asked via his email address.

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