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    I am having trouble here maybe someone can help.
    So I set-up my premium upgrade and connected my domain name (via godaddy) to The connection was fine everything seemed to work. I did this because I was going to buy Thesis Theme and connect the two. Then I realized you have to use for Thesis. So, I went back and got a refund of my upgrade. Then I reset the nameservers in my godaddy hosting account. However, now when I type in my domain name in the address bar a page pops up with the following message: Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.

    How do I fix this?

    Thank you to anyone kind enough to help me,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,
    I will tag this for staff attention. Please subscribe to this thread so you will know when they assist you.

    Staff is backlogged and works through threads in chronological order. The best thing to do is be patient, and know that they will take care of you as soon as they are able.

    Have a good day! =)



    What is the domain name you need help with? Nobody can even guess at what help you need without the domain name – does load fine for me to a WordPress.COM blog – my guess is that this is not the site you need help with



    I need help with . I have already contacted my hosting company to redirect the domain back to them. But still every time I type this address into the address bar I get the message mentioned above. Is this just a matter of time that I have to wait for the change to take affect? Also, now when I type the address of any of the subdomains I had with that address I get the same wordpress error message. I do not want this domain name associated with It’s just been a hassle with this domain name because of my lack of knowledge on these things. I just want my domain back.

    Thank you for any help you can give me,



    Hi Bill,

    Your domain, appears to be loading properly on my end.

    It can take as long as 72 hours for DNS changes to become widely available. If you’re still not seeing your site loading at,
    please try logging out of, clear your browser cache, and try again.



    Hello Bill,
    It’s loading for me as well so I removed the flag for staff assistance.

    I hope you are able to see your site now. Please let us know if you have any more questions.


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