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    I’m sure this info is somewhere. I just can’t find it. I misspelled one of my weblog subdomains (e.g. instead of How do I remove it from WordPress so others might use it if they so choose?



    nope nobody can use that username once you delete them. if you want to allow someone else to use it in future, the best thing to do is to keep that blog and not delete it, place a post announcing that you don’t want this blog anymore and is available to someone who’s interested. that way you can just pass the password if someone professes an interest for that username.



    I may not have explained properly. It’s not the user name but instead a sub-domain wordpress name I’m trying to release/get rid of.

    For example, if I meant to register but I mistyped and registered How can I delete/remove the latter.



    I think you will find that you can’t release/get rid of it (i.e. it isn’t possible for you to do so). This info is given on sign up when you first choose the name you register with.



    Actually the I think the others didn’t clearly understand you. I checked out your sub-domain blog and I checked out your main blog at
    The answer is “yes” you can delete and this is how to do that dashboard -> options -> look down one line below -> delete blog

    You will still retain your main blog but the name “” will not be available for re-use by yourself or by anyone else once you delete it. IMO that’s no great loss. :)



    Timethief, thx. that’s the answer I was looking for.

    I should have been able to figure it out myself (obviously being a blogger newbie, asking a “newbie” question, to a group of blogger experts available to help, confunsed things more than necessary.

    I should have looked more closly under “options” menu for the answer. Regardless, I really appreciate your help and appologize for any confusion to others I might have created.

    After deleting the weblog, I got an email confirmation and once confiremd, it was gone.

    Thanks again.



    No problem. Happy blogging.:)



    Hmmm, I wonder if we could use it for something.

    Any chance you could just add in theapparatus ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com as and admin and I’ll just take it over? Might be interesting….

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