Removing one widget from Enteprise theme

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    That theme is a free one made by Studio Press (
    I personally don’t like the “meta widget” (the one with 4 links – Register/Login-Logout/ validator).
    as I’m gonna purchased a domain and my blog will (appear to) be a commercial corporate one.

    I know them used in blogs hosted at wordpress. COM can not be freely edited (i.e no HTML or PHP or else). And I can imagine what timethief may say, but I found out something else.

    There are some blogs using this Enteprise theme but they don’t have that META widget installed.


    If you’re gonna tell me “Hey chickenwuss, go to Appearance>Widgets and delete it”, please hesitate because I’ve been there since the end of July.

    The blog I need help with is



    OK I will skip telling you to delete it.

    Not familiar with the Enterprise Theme – but have you tried Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets and Adding a Widget? That should delete the default Widgets – then you need to add all the Widgets back that you want.


    Yes. I can add a new widget,e.g Facebook Like, Text, Image, Archives, Author,…and even a Meta widget (so I have two meta widgets). But (it seems) I can delete only those I’ve just added, not the pre-installed ones.

    In fact, I don’t see any default widgets there.

    Only a list of available widgets; below is a list of inactive ones; the right column show a blank side bar, there are footer #1, footer #2, and footer #3 all are blank, too.


    Ah, I got it.

    Things work this way.

    I have at least one personal widget installed and it will removed the default widgets but DON’T delete all because if you do, the default widgets will come back.
    Ans also, install in the correct navigation location (ie sidebar or footer)

    (I did try to install widgets in the FOOTER just to check if those widgets work, but it wouldn’t remove the default widgets in the SIDEBAR. So I kept adding and deleting that way)

    Thank you.

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