Removing or disabling WordPress HTML hyperlinks in ePub docs

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    Apple Store Geniuses tell me this is not possible but, just in case anyone has stumbled on an answer…

    I have copied all my WordPress blogs and created a single document in Apple Pages (like Word) and I can disable the hundreds of hyperlinks (in my blogs) and can convert the Pages document into an ePub document. But the hyperlinks are still active in the resulting ePub document.

    Is there any way to disable or erase the hyperlinks to other sites? Other than removing each link individually which would take days, if not weeks.

    I can’t convert the originals to plain text because that would remove any italics/bold I want to keep in the documents.

    Because Pages and other word processors do not use HTML code to mark up code, there seems to be no way to, for instance, replace all http:// instances with gobbledegook which would de-activate the links.



    The blog I need help with is

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