Removing padding between sidebar widgets

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    I’m trying to remove some of the vertical spacing between my sidebar widgets.

    I’ve been through at least ten threads of people asking for this same solution, and none of them have helped me.

    The blog I need help with is


    CSS is theme specific, so what works for one theme will nearly always not work for another theme. Add this to the bottom of your CSS and adjust the 4em value as desired. You can also use decimals such as 2.5em, or 1.57em.

    #sidebar .item {
    margin-bottom: 4em;

    That works :)

    Hopefully others with the Modularity Lite theme find this useful.

    Thanks sacred! Not the first time you bailed me out (and probably won’t be the last)


    You are welcome, and yes, this question is bound to surface again in the future.

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