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    I’m having trouble finding a resource to resolve this issue.

    I am using the ‘Structure’ theme by Organics Themes. On my blog page I want the full post to show. Right now it shows and excerpts and you must click “read more” to see the rest of the post. I want everything to show on the page so that full post can be scrolled through rather than having to go to a separate page.

    Can someone tell me how this can be achieve or point me in the direction of a tutorial on this subject?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, that is the way Structure is designed, it was the designer’s choice, and there is no setting to change that.

    There IS however a workaround. When you create post and are finished with the post, but before publishing it, switch to the HTML tab in the editor, copy out all the stuff in the HTML text area and paste it into the “excerpt” module below the text area and then publish the post.


    darn. I like the Structure theme other than that :( Thanks for the workaround though. I’m gonna go try that out!


    You’re welcome. I had to switch my test blog and try that solution out to make sure it works, but it did on my test blog with Structure.


    ok new question to follow up the workaround: where is the “excerpt module” ?


    If you scroll down below the text area on the editor page, it should be down below. If not, click on the screen options tab at upper right and select it.


    Oo it worked! But the width of the post is so small…. :( …..ah well I think this is a new problem I will have to leave to tomorrow. Thanks for the help with the excerpt though!


    You’re welcome, and that is just the nature of the Structure theme. It can be changed, but it would require knowledge of CSS and the paid CSS upgrade.

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