Removing Permanent Link from post titles?

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    Can anyone out there help me with this? We’re using a modified version of the ‘Simpla’ theme…can give more details, let me konw if you need them.
    Thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you saying that you do not want the post titles to be links, but just want them to be plain text?

    If so, I can’t think of anyway to do that. That is set in the underlying theme files and we cannot edit those at wordpress.COM.


    This seems like a simple thing to change if we could just change the code, I really would appreciate being able to do this because the way I write my blog there is no reason to go to another page to see the post all the information is right there.

    Hope someone figures this one out.



    You cannot, of course, change the code on a blog. It’s easily done on an independently-hosted blog.

    You could, of course, put the title as a header in the body of the post and leave the title field blank. It will slaughter your SEO, but it’s your choice.


    The reason we cannot change the underlying code is that this is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files. If you were allowed to change something in the theme files, then it would change it for everyone using that theme.

    One of the benefits to a multi-user platform is that when changes are rolled out, they are rolled out once. If we each had our own separate files on the servers, then any change would have to be rolled out probably 5 million times (the total number of blogs here – active and inactive). It also means that they can roll out bug fixes and enhancements on a moment’s notice rather than having to wait several months to accumulate enough code changes to make it worthwhile to inconvenience everyone.

    Another reason for this is that everything is written in PHP script, not HTML. PHP script is very powerful and if one does not know what one is doing one can introduce a security hole large enough to drive an 18-wheeler packed full of hackers through sideways.


    Doesn’t the sitemap depend on post title permalinks? Of course, I don’t know how important it actually is to have a sitemap except, like raincoaster said, for SEO.

    Also, I would think that any comments left on a particular post would rely on the post title permalink.


    Yes, the sitemap does depend on permalinks, and therefore so do the search engines.


    Without permalinks, the main post containing pages of your blog would all be treated as one single document. With dynamic content such as a blog, you want (have to have) some way for the search engines to identify individual posts and properly index those posts. Without a permalink, that simply isn’t possible.

    Getting rid of permalinks = really bad idea when it comes to SEO.

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