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    I know this is a newbie question & so my apologies, but have been trying to figure it out for ages, all in vain.Its driving me nuts!
    How do I remove the ‘Posted by..Posted in…’ line at the end of a post/page. I have been trying to remove it from my “About” page, but no success!
    Pls HELP!



    Unfortunately it’s part of the theme you’re using.

    As we aren’t able to edit themes (read the FAQ at the top of the forum for more information), the only way you’ll be able to remove it is by changing the theme.




    thanks a ton, collin
    I am realizing now that a LOT of elements of the blog depend on the theme one chooses, and so deciding on a theme goes beyond how it looks!
    I wish there way some all this was flagged off while choosing a theme…



    We’ve discussed doing a Theme Database listing the different features of each of the themes. We’ve also discussed some sort of menu options for what displays in a post. While the second one would probably require rewrites of most of the themes, we’re just waiting for someone to step up to the plate on the first one. :)

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