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    Is it possible to remove the “posted by…” on post with a free theme. I don’t want to upgrade yet. The plan is to eventually migrate the blog to but just wanted to get it all set up first because .com is just so much easier to use.

    I have no idea about CSS etc. If it’s not possible is another free theme that is similar which doesn’t have the “posted by….”?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi tracielouise22, the only way to hide the date would be with CSS, and all themes display the date on the blog page and single posts.

    If you didn’t plan to have a blog, you could just use pages instead of posts, and set your front page to a static page. If you do want to use the blog, you’d need CSS to hide the dates.


    Thanks for the reply. I figured that out last night. I am planning on having a blog. I did manage to find a theme that didn’t use the “posted by…” There is a couple of them. Wish there was more.



    Which theme did you find that doesn’t display the date? I’d like to take a look. Thanks!


    I am using Sela. It does show the date. I don’t have a problem with the date. I just didn’t want it to say “posted by Tracie Louise” as I am creating the blog for a friend who is actually writing the posts, but not computer literate. She obviously wants the blog to look as though she did it, not me.



    Ah, I apologize! I misread “posted by” as “posted on” and thought you were referring to the date. :) Some themes only display the author when there are multiple authors on a site.

    For your situation, since your friend will presumably have her own user account (i.e. not logging in on the tracielouise22 account), you could first add her as a user to the site and then assign the author of posts to be be her, instead of you. Would that do the trick?


    She doesn’t have her own user account on although she does have an existing blog on .org

    since I have been using .com for around 5 years I was more comfortable with this platform. I didn’t realise I could add her as a user. That is a great idea. Wish I had know this last night before I spent hours searching for a different Theme. I phoned her and she likes the new theme, so will have to have a think about that. If I add her as a user, will it only affect this blog, and not my other WordPress blogs?



    If I add her as a user, will it only affect this blog, and not my other WordPress blogs?

    Yes! She will only have access to the site you explicitly add her to, and she’ll need to create a account.

    You can invite her via the WP Admin dashboard, under Users > Invite New:

    If she doesn’t already have a account, you can invite her by using her email address, and she’ll be sent instructions on how to create an account.

    You can learn more about the different user roles and decide what level of access she should have:

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