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removing posts from tag surfer

  1. The tag sufer is cool, but how do I remove posts after I have looked at them?

  2. you can't (i think). it supposed to show all the latest posts, so you have to wait for the new ones to replaced the ones you've seen.

  3. I think we discussed a bit ago where if you marked your blog as being 'not in the search indexes' it wouldn't be in the surfer. I can't remember what came up in that discussion.

    I'd send in a feedback myself but I'm on my ever lovely locked down terminal. Someone send one in with a link to this thread and ask staff about the issue please?

  4. drmike,
    excuse me, but has this feedback sent?

  5. I didn't send one in this morning. I was hoping someone would. I'll do so now though.

    edit: Feedback sent. :)

  6. I think what you mean is "I want to ,ark all these as read so the system gives me some more".

    You can't remove other's posts from the Tag surfer page. As sulz says, you need to wait for new posts.

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