Removing “Read More” from dynamic home page in Structure

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    I am using Structure theme at this address : I would like to find a way to have posts displaying fully on the homepage, as opposed to the default “Read more” which seems to be embedded with this theme. I would therefore display less posts on the front page, not more than two. Is there a workaround for this without the css upgrade, like for example by altering the css for the one post only? I have searched the forums through Google but could not find an answer….Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please go to your post edit page and copy the body text from the HTML editor. Paste the whole code into the “Excerpt” box and you can show the excerpt on the home page instead of the auto-generated summary.

    You can change the number of the posts from Settings > Reading panel.
    Enter “2” next to the box that says “Blog pages show at most”.

    Please note changing this number affects other archive pages also.


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    Hi sunnisme,

    Structure is one of the themes which support the custom excerpt function. You can put your whole post into the excerpt module and your whole post will display on the home page:

    Note 2: The Hemingway theme is unique in that its main posts page only displays the beginnings of the two most recent posts (hence no links, formatting, images etc. – see note 3 here). The excerpt function allows you to override that: if you want complete posts in the main page, with their links and everything, you copy their whole content from the html post editor and paste it in the text box of the Excerpt module (as long as the content doesn’t include shortcode objects).

    additional info about structure theme:



    Waw thank you very much for this!!!


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    You are welcome.

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