Removing right side bar information/shortcut/navigation from suburbia

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    Hi I have css editing. I wanted to remove the info/shortcut/ nav from right side bar. I deleted the welcome message in css and pasted this
    .meta {
    Then I saved but they are still there so I have missed something essential I think. Hope you can help me

    The blog I need help with is



    What you tried means place the meta 60em below the top left corner of the middle section (that is, below the left sidebar menu). Paste this instead:

    .meta {
        display: none;



    Hello thank you!
    when I remove the text in the css and paste
    .meta {
    display: none;
    Or anything for that matter and choose save, the shortcuts/info and nav are still there. I guess my question is.. is there another step that I am missing to apply these css codes?
    thanks again



    You’re welcome.
    No, there’s no other step. Make sure you have deleted the whole welcome message, including the start/end slash and asterisk.



    I think I’m one of those customers who will make you want to leave your job but I did that as above and the side bar plus all the info is still there, if you look you will see it when you open a post
    maybe this theme won’t let me change it or I have to do something else? Best to you!



    maybe this theme won’t let me change it

    CSS editing is theme specific: the code I gave you hides the right-side meta on Suburbia.

    Are you sure you’ve bought the Custom Design upgrade? If so, maybe something went wrong and the upgrade isn’t activated. In that case, WP staff will have to look into this.


    @yogini27, sorry to hear you’re having trouble! First, as a temporary workaround, the old CSS editor interface is still available right now but will get phased out eventually. Can you try this interface and let me know if saving CSS works for you there?

    I would also still love the chance to troubleshoot the newer editor with you if you have time. I’ve seen a couple other similar reports, but so far I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem myself (which is the first step to tracking it down and getting it fixed). Would you mind trying a few of the following troubleshooting steps

    1. Make sure you are using an update browser version:

    2. Try saving CSS using a different browser to see if the problem is limited to just one browser on your computer

    3. If you have access to a different computer, try editing CSS from the other one to see if the problem is limited to your computer.

    If you are able to try any of those steps and report back, that would be helpful!

    For reference, here is the other recent report that sounds very similar to yours:



    Hi thanks for your help. When I used the first link above it worked like a treat no problem. It had the cue to ‘save style sheet’. I then used Chrome and went to css and did exactly the same and as with Firefox there is no save style sheet option it just says saved or save. If you want to go and play yourself feel free. I couldn’t make the changes using another browser, but I don’ t have another computer to try it on sorry. Is there a difference between the css menu when it you use custom design or customise? I have both on my menu. One drops from the top one from the side. They appear the same but maybe there is a difference here. Anyway let me know if this helps thanks for helping me though.


    I then used Chrome and went to css and did exactly the same and as with Firefox there is no save style sheet option it just says saved or save.

    In the new editor, right? This is expected. The Save button should only go active if you’ve made a change to the editor in the CSS panel.

    Is there a difference between the css menu when it you use custom design or customise?

    Custom Design is moving from the wp-admin area to the Customize area. The main difference between the two is an updated look (slide-out panel on the right) and live previews—which are awesome! :)

    If you want to go and play yourself feel free.

    Thanks, I went here:

    And I saved a change to the CSS and it worked fine for me. That indicates the problem isn’t system wide and could even be related to a local computer or network setting. Those kinds of things can be tough to track down though!!

    If you’re willing to dive a little deeper, looking at the web console in your browser might provide the developers some helpful info:

    1. Go to Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS in Chrome
    2. In the very top menus, go to View → Developer → Developer Tools
    3. A bar will show up at the bottom of your browser window, click “Console” at the top of the bar
    4. Try saving some CSS after that and check to see if any errors pop into the browser console
    5. Link back with a screenshot if you see an error (or copy paste it in a reply here)

    Here are the results of my test on your blog after I clicked “Save”, there aren’t any red errors in the console, which is what we’re looking for.

    For anyone else having this issue, please do post a reply here so we can track it. Without more info, we can’t find down the cause of the trouble so it really helps if you post here with as much detail as you can provide!



    thank you for that but it got a bit technical for me. Feel free to look for yourself. I just wanted to let you know that my site reverted back to the old css with the navigation pane etc down the side this morning for no reason I could see. I used your link to correct it.
    Thank you for your help it’s been great


    Just checking back in on you. Would you mind testing out saving some CSS in the newer editor to see if it still gives you any trouble?

    Here is the link:

    Try saving something simple that won’t really change anything on the blog to see if the CSS editor works:

    p {
        text-align: left;


    HI thanks for checking up. I pasted your code in the css and saved changes. I’m not sure if it gave me any trouble! the code was accepted and saved but of course I didn’t see any changes. I guess that’s progress?


    Yes, it is! Sounds like saving is working for you. I purposely chose a rule that wouldn’t show any changes before so we could just see if saving worked.

    I checked the custom CSS for just now, and I see that you saved the rule justpi posted for you above to hide the post meta data.

    I also checked one of your recent posts just now, and I see that the post meta data is hidden on that post:

    So I think you’re all set! I’m not sure what was happening for you earlier, but if you run into any problems with it again in the future, please post back with a reply here or at contact support at any time.



    thank you so much for your help and getting back to me it is much appreciated!


    You’re welcome!

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