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Removing RSS Links and Search Field causing problems with menu and header

  1. I am using the Enterprise Theme...

    I know how to remove the RSS links and search field in the header, BUT, when I do this it automatically places menu items in a new row as if the RSS links were still there. Same goes for header...There's a blank spot where the search field once was. What's the CSS code to fix this? Thanks.

    Also, my page set is to private per my clients request but here is the code I'm using:

    .header-right {

    .navright {

  2. The site linked to your username is wearing Wu Wei. We need a link to the site you are talking about.

    In general though the header and menu are width-limited so that if you happen to get carried away you won't run over the RSS and search boxes. When you hide those, then you have to widen the header and menu stuff to use that area.

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