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    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone knows how to remove the search bar from header. I want to use the one in widgets so I can modify the name. But I can’t find out how to adjust the PHP, and I see no mention of it on the page. Please help. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    You need some CSS editing experience and the paid CSS upgrade.



    That’s a shame, ‘cos it does rather tend to spoil things!


    I have the same issue. It covers my page listings under the header. Seems like it ought not be there when the theme is chosen.



    I agree that spoils the theme’s appearance and interferes with static Page tabs. As we do have Search widgets, perhaps Staff (The Theme Team) will remove it if you ask them to. Here’s the link


    @katharine, dickiebo and triw, from looking at Katharine’s site, I would say that there is definitely an issue here that staff needs to address since the search box should definitely not hide part of the top navigation. I would contact staff and see if they will move it down out of the way or something.

    Perhaps a moderator can move this thread over to the themes forum?



    Answer from WordPress;How about using the Custom Menu or Parent/Sub Page feature to show less items on the menubar?
    Each theme has limitation in which how many items can be displayed without showing them on the second, third levels etc


    Puh! What kind of answer is that?

    Patient: Doctor it hurts when I do this.

    Doctor: Then don’t do that.

    In Katharine’s case, she isn’t pushing to a second line with the menus. I guess for Katharine, she could make “about this blog” a child of “Katharine Houk” and put that just to the right of the Home tab.

    Poor solution in my opinion.



    When I looked at dickiebo’s blog and misunderstood the issue originally. Now that we had another user reporting the same thing I finally saw what your meant.
    I have reported the bug to the theme team and they’ll look into it.

    When you are contacting support, please include any relevant forum link whenever possible. Thanks!

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