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Removing search box from sidebar on SHAAN theme

  1. I can't figure out how to removed the search box widget from the sidebar of the SHAAN theme. Is there a way to do this without getting the Custom Design upgrade?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried removing it on this Page Appearance > Widgets where all widgets are installed or uninstalled?

  3. The Search is one of the default Widgets

    Add / Drag and drop a Text Widget into the Sidebar - the Search Widget should go away - if you see any other Widgets in the sidebar delete them

    but that leaves a large blue thing on the right side of your blog - if that is ok

    Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets

  4. @auxclass
    Thanks for the help.

  5. You all be welcome -

    took me some time on this one since I don't normally do Themes and some themes have the search thing built in - so I changed themes on a test blog just to make sure the search thing went away

  6. That worked!! Thank you so much! It does leave a "large blue thing" on the side, but I'm sure I can fix that if I get the Custom Design upgrade.

  7. You be welcome & good luck

    The 2011 theme has a single coll. option and at least some of the colors can be changed without the CSS upgrade - should be other single coll. themes that can be made low key with a background color that fits what you want to do

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