Removing search box in header on Misty Theme

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    Hi! I’m using the theme Misty Look, which I love, except for one little itty bitty thing. There’s a search box in the upper right corner of the theme, on the same line where the tabs show up. It seriously limits how many tabs you can have, and so I upgraded my account to be able to edit the CSS and was told to put this in the CSS box:

    input.textbox {

    #navigation ul input#searchsubmit {

    Unfortunately, this CSS hid ALL text boxes, such as those on my contact form and those that appear when someone wants to leave a comment. Is there a way to hide the one text box that is used for search?

    (Just so you know, I have a search box in my sidebar, so the one included in the theme is redundant.)

    And just in case, here’s my blog:

    Thanks for your help! It’s very much appreciated. :-)


    The following seems to take everything away but you will have to check for other unintended consequences.

    #navigation ul {
    display: none;

    Thank you! It seems to work, but now that I know it could have unintended consequences, I’ll keep my eyes open. From what I can tell, though, it doesn’t affect the any other textbox.

    I’m just so thrilled with my theme now. I wish I’d been braver a year ago, but it’s probably best to take this in small steps. :-)


    I don’t think, or know that it will have unintended consequences from the look of things, but just look things over to make sure something else didn’t disappear as well.

    And you’re welcome.

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