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    Hi, I am currently using the Forever theme template for my website. I have figured out how to remove the sidebar from all the pages except the main page. How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, wanto to delete the sidebar from my template forever.


    To target just the home page, you can use “.home” at the beginning of your selectors.

    So, try out this example and make sure to add “.home” and a space before each CSS block.

    Note that this won’t stretch out the video embed you currently have on your home page. You could try stretching it, but note that it might look pixelated if you do. Also, you’ll need to figure out the exact right aspect ratio to fit the new size:

    .home .embed-youtube iframe {
    	width: ?;
    	height: ?;

    Adjust the “?”s to the proper aspect ratio for a bigger video. If you’re not sure, start experimenting to see what works best. The current size is 560 x 345 px.

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