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Removing Sidebar Widgets

  1. Hi! I am setting up my new blog and was playing around with the 'sidebar widgets' section. I added some things along the sidebar (namely Sonific Songspot) that I want to get rid of but I can't figure out how. Is there any way to remove widgets you don't want?
    THANKS!!! :)

  2. On the Widgets page, click on them and drag them down to the Widget box at the bottom of the page. When you see the other widgets make way for it, you'll know that the box has "caught" it.

    But if you don't install it in the first place, it shouldn't be there. It's just an option.

  3. Yeah, raincoaster got it. I just had to comment because that is an awesome avatar, maggiequin.

  4. I think that every time I see it. James would be proud.

  5. Touche.

  6. THANKS! :) Poor James, RIP....

  7. Also- Where can you find out what each widget does??

  8. If you go to the FAQ at the top of the forums and do a search, there's one FAQ that explains the widgets. There's probably also one for each widget, but who needs to get down to that level?

  9. maggie,

    What I have done is open a private blog for the authors on my blog to use as a scratch pad. I also use this to test what theme changes will do and to see what widgets do what.
    Means that there are few nasty surprises when I make changes.

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