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Removing Site from

  1. I have 2 sites listed under for using Jetpack with both self hosted. One of which was a dev site can this be removed.

    theMojoWill (which is showing posts, comments and pages in my dashboard) is the LIVE site. It was originally on and is now on

    Mojowill is the old DEV site which I have since disconnected from This was on

    Would be good if there was an option to delete sites myself?

    How do I fix this?

  2. You cannot do this yourself. Staff will delete the site(s) you specify the URL(s) for. Please please patient while waiting.

  3. I have removed the requested site.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  4. Thanks you deleted the WRONG ONE!

  5. Now site stats don't work for the site it is still installed on? I get an API error. Just remove all sites from my account and I will reconnect my Jetpack.

    If you are going to FORCE me to use a account simply to use Jetpack at least make it all make sense.

    I'm a WordPress developer and have struggled with the way it is meant to be set up how are average end users meant to manage?

  6. Really not sure what is going on now? Both sites are back and stats have started working?

    Please see this screenshot the TOP site needs removing....

    Also why does it only say 1 comment and 13 posts there are 92 posts and 117 comments!

  7. You requested the removal of, which is what I did.

    All of Jetpack's functions are handled through our end and stored on, which is why it needs to remain connected to your account.

    What is the URL for the top site that needs to be removed?

  8. No it was the dev site I wanted to have removed. Currently both sites seem to show the same domain. The only differential is the name and the fact that one has stats against it.

    Themojowill (which shows on the bottom if the screenshot) has stats against it and is the live site.

    Mojowill is the top site and has no stats against it and dan be deleted.

  9. Ok, I need to know the URL of the site to delete, so I don't delete the wrong one. I can't search by title.

  10. That's the trouble they are both showing the same URL.

  11. If it helps the site id on your system is 41675240

  12. Ok, what are the URLs?

  13. Ok, I have removed the listing as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  14. Sorry this is just confusing the hell out of me.

    I got an error on my LIVE site saying the the token was incorrect and I should disconnect and reconnect to which I did.

    Now I don't have any blogs listed on my "My Blogs" page but on the stats page I have the same website listed twice, both with zero stats.

    I only noticed this today, stats were working on my site and when viewing on although they always showed as empty on the iOS app.

    What is going on?

  15. It looks like your stats issue may have been resolved by one of my colleagues.

    As for My Blogs, we made the decision to remove Jetpack blogs from the My Blogs tab for now.

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