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    I’m trying to remove some custom headers form my blog on the free blog. I already checked out the replies to a similar question someone had and that issue is now closed. In that discussion it was stated that the list of custom headers can be found in the Media section. I went to my Media section but did not find my list of headers listed so I could manage them. I would like to remove some and keep others and have them rotating randomly. What I have in my Media section is that under the Media Settings I have: Image Sizes, Auto Embeds and Video Player and then the Save Changes button. Nothing else. I’m using the Andrea theme. Are my headers to be found elsewhere or can I not manage them anymore?

    Thank you to all in advance for their advice and guidance. :)

    The blog I need help with is


    In the left hand navigation section in the dashboard go to media > library and you will find your header images listed there. You can then delete the ones you want.


    WOW Thank you much “thesacredpath”! That was a very prompt reply and I appreciate it very much. I found them and deleted the one’s I didn’t want. Thanks again.


    You are welcome.

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