Removing something from the theme using CSS?

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    I would like to get rid of a “About the Post” box when you click on a article to read it.

    You can see the box right above the article when you click on that link.
    I would like for that to go away, I think I can do that using CSS.

    This has nothing to do with support of the premium theme it’s just a CSS question so please don’t refer me to the premium theme forum because it’s not related.

    Thank you, if you can answer my question.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hmmm, I tried this and it worked. This should remove that whole box of information on just the single post entries. Try it and let us know if this worked or if we have to get the experts in on this.

    .single-post #sliderWrap {display: none;}

    This will remove the whole box and its content. If you want to keep the content such as the post information, we will need to take another approach.


    This is a premium theme and you might get some good advice in how to manage this over in the support forum for that theme. And in that forum they supply some documentation on the theme itself.

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