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Removing tags and categories

  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to remove the tags and categories on the bottom of my posts on the home pages using CSS - how do I do this?

    Also , for my image blog posts, I'd like to get rid of the dates, categories, tags, author and the comment link too please! (So they look more like call to actions!)

    If anyone can help, I'd be so grateful!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, I see you have gotten the tags and categories hidden on your main page with the following CSS.

    a[rel="tag"], a[rel="category tag"] {
        display: none;

    To hide all the meta data on image posts, we can use the "format-image CSS class set in the article tag like this.

    .format-image.hentry .entry-meta {
        display: none;
  3. Thank you SO much that's super helpful! :)

  4. Sorry - just to be a pain again!

    I'm struggling with the spacing with some of the meta-data on the blog posts (some are on two lines) is there any CSS to fix this please? I'm new to this! :)

  5. @victoriawilsondata8, can you point me to an example and explain a bit further what you are wanting with the metadata?

  6. @thesacredpath sorry! just need to see the author, the date and leave a comment but when I type the original CSS in, some of them are on two lines so would it be possible to reduce the spacing on the hidden metadata so the author, date and leave a comment are all on one line? :)

  7. Looking at the structure of the meta data HTML, we can't do a lot with it. I'm afraid this is about the best we can hope for, which is the date above the author (two lines).

    .entry-meta {
        visibility: hidden;
    .entry-meta .entry-date {
        visibility: visible;
        float: left;
        padding-right: 20px;
    .entry-meta .author {
        visibility: visible;
        float: left;
    .entry-meta .entry-date:before {
        content: "Posted on ";
        color: #374d4d;
    .entry-meta .author:before {
        content: "By ";
  8. That's absolutely perfect now, thank you!!
    I don't suppose you know how to change the more... into 'read more...' do you by any chance? I've googled it and it's talking about php files or something!

  9. If you're using the more tag then have a look at the fourth image from the top, it shows you how to insert the tag with custom link text.

    If you're using your theme's default excerpts feature then it will be a bit more problematic.

  10. @thesacredpath That looks so much better!! Thank you!!

  11. @hallluke ooh that's really helped, thank you very much :)

  12. You are welcome.

  13. Hi,

    I used this formula to remove the tags from all the posts, but nothing changes. Does anyone knows what I should do?

    .format-image.hentry .entry-meta {
    display: none;

  14. @boutiquemaison, on this site, , that would remove the entry meta only on posts set to the image format. I see you have used a couple of other CSS rules to remove the tags and categories from other post formats.

  15. Hi Boutiquemaison, could you start a new forum thread and let us know the site URL you need help with.

    CSS is heavily dependent on the theme you use so it's useful to be able to see your site and/or know what theme you've picked. Also it helps to keep issues separate so the original poster doesn't get email notifications for posts unrelated to their question.

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