Removing text from Featured Image on Oxygen

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    We have made the background transparent on the Showcase image on the main page. We are trying to make the text transparent as well.

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you mean the background of the title and date for posts in the Oxygen theme showcase slider? Also, do you mean you want them to be transparent or do you just want to remove the background color all together?

    Here is some CSS to get you started. Try adding it in the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor in your blog dashboard and click the Preview button to see how it works. This example will keep the background color on feature slider post titles but make them partially transparent. Adjust the .25 opacity number to see what it does. The 2nd rule will remove the background from the date in the feature slider.

    .featured-post .entry-title a {
    	opacity: 0.25;
    .featured-post .entry-meta {
    	opacity: 0.8;
    	background: 0;

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