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    I’m using the Lifestyle theme which puts some text over the header image on each of the pages. I can remove it from the standard pages but if I add new pages then it reappears on these. Does anyone know if there is a way to remove it altogether?

    Example is where i’ve removed it from the home page




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    Sorry, the theme is actually The Morning After not Lifestyle.


    We volunteers do not have access to the premium themes, so we know nothing about them (unless we were each to buy all of them). Part of what you are paying for with a premium theme is access to the theme team and the theme author. Go to appearance > themes in your dashboard and up were it show the theme you are using, there is a link to the premium theme forum.


    Are you talking about the header and tagline above the menu and to the left of the search box stuff?



    On the link in the first post it is the word Poll that appears over the image. It no longer appears on the home page because I’ve been able to tell it not to but I don’t seem able to make it go on any of the html pages I create.


    I’ve set up morning after on my test blog and cannot seem to get rid of it either. I can do it through CSS, but it does not look like you have the CSS upgrade.



    No, I don’t have the upgrade. Would be so much easier if I could just sort out the CSS!


    At Appearance > Custom Design > CSS delete all the informational text in the edit window and put the following in and you can use the preview function to see that it works, but to be able to save the change, you would have to have the custom design upgrade.

    #topbanner .pagetitle {
    display: none;


    thanks will see if we can just change out the banner image.


    You are welcome.

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