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    Hi… I’ve got a blog with a customizable pic at the top.

    I’ve put the title of the blog in the pic, and so I don’t need the text at the top of the blog, it looks redundant.

    I need to know if I can remove the textual title line and catchphrase below it using CSS editing.

    I have not purchased the CSS editing feature yet, but if this works, I will.





    In the theme options there’s an option to hide the text altogether.

    I don’t *think* you will be able to place it somewhere else just using CSS as it is normally hard-coded into the theme. You would be able (obviously!) to put it in the header image before you upload it though.


    The option to remove is only available in certain themes unfortunatly. Where you uploaded the custom header there’ll be a window with the text, and buttons to his the title and sub title. If they arent there the only other option is to go to your options page and delete the blog title and subtitle and have it go nekkid



    thanks guys. I just deleted the title and it all worked out great.



    If you come back, will you please tell us which theme allowed you the option of “deleting the title”?


    You can delete the title for any theme by just removing it from the options menu.

    Listing all the themes that will allwo you to hide the title and sub title would be a bit much though., blogs have LOTS of themes, i know i wouldnt like to experiment with them all lol



    Understood … now.

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