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Removing text which is NOT listed as a post or a page

  1. I want to redesign my blog/site and have removed all of the pages and posts in preparation. However, there is still a 'page' showing when you go to the site ( and I cannot work out how to delete the content of this - I can't find it anywhere! I'm probably being really stupid and it's probably something incredibly obvious, but how did I put this 'page' on in the first place if it's not listed on the dashboard as either a page or a post?! I've been fiddling about with this for ages, so any ideas gratefully received! Thanks, Annabel.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you mean this text?

    Welcome to my website!

    I am a writer, artist, independent scholar and tutor. I write about books and writers and I have been widely published in national newspapers and magazines, including the Guardian. I teach and lecture on literature. My paintings have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and are included in many private collections, including in Kensington Palace.

    I am so glad you chose to look at my site. Please click on the appropriate pages to learn more about the different aspects of my work.

    To discuss my work further, to commission me or to find out more, please email me at [email redacted]

    Is it not on your About page?

  3. Hi,

    Yes, this is the text that I mean. In theory, what you say is right, and that is what I expected when I was removing content from my site, but I cannot find this page on my dashboard. It is not listed as a page or as a post, and I feel like I've looked everywhere else. I don't know where else to find it! I don't understand how I put it there in the first place if it's not a page or a post...

  4. You've put it in a text widget at the bottom of your site.

    Check the Widgets Dashboard and drag it to the inactive area.

  5. Done! :-) Thank you SO much!

  6. Welcome!

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