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removing text widget "pants/boxes" thru css customization

  1. Regulus theme - If you are thinking that you would like to see the pale lavendar coloured box disappear from the text boxes in the sidear then I wonder if this couldn't be achieved through css customization.

    Perhaps one of our css geeks will enter this dialogue and advise if this is possible [hint, hint].
    Posted: 2006-08-25 16:19:43

  2. i don't see how it's relevant, since none of the people in that discussion have purchased custom CSS, but yes, it's possible.
    this is the section that controls it, as ben originally designed it:

    #sidebar #about, #sidebar .widget_text {<br /> border:5px solid #eef;<br /> padding:10px;<br /> color:#666;<br /> }

    to change it, you'd want to put this in your CSS:

    #sidebar #about, #sidebar .widget_text {<br /> border: none;<br /> }

    or, if you like the border just fine, but wish it were consistant:
    #sidebar .widget {<br /> border:5px solid #eef;<br /> padding:10px;<br /> color:#666;<br /> }
    would put a border on all your widgets.

  3. Ahh ... yes ... granted it wasn't relevant then but maybe it is now. Because you have provided a solution then I will point at this thread every time the issue comes up again. Thx kamel - I always appreciate the time and energy you put into giving comprehensive replies. :D

  4. heh.
    in normal conversation, most people find it annoying, patronizing, and terribly boring. i'm glad it works out on the internets, tho.

  5. If you check the other thread and you will find the person asking the question is going for the upgrade.

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