Removing the Adhesive Plugin

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    I recently tried to uninstall the Adhesive plugin, and every time I either deactivated it or deleted it outright, I got a 500 server error on all my pages containing posts.

    Once I reinstall or activate it again, everything is fine. But it’s clearly corrupted and I want to get rid of it completely.

    I read this section in the WordPress help area:

    Hiding Plugins When Deactivated

    Some plugins feature tags inside of the template files. If the plugin is not activated, it will “break” the Theme and it may report errors or fail to load. It is therefore imperative to prevent the plugin from being detected in case it is turned off.

    But I’m not sure what to remove, where to remove, etc, etc.

    I just want the plugin out of my life!!!

    Please help me. And if you know the answer, please be detailed. FYI, the author failed to respond to my multiple requests for help. Felt that was rather unprofessional.

    Thank you.



    OOP! your in the wrong forum. You need to post your question over here

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