Removing the automated quotes in in Chateau theme

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    If you’d check my “About” page, you’d see that whenever I put some text under the < blockquote > tag, it automatically adds a ” at the beginning and the end. This makes it difficult to give the reference to the person, as it adds a ” after the person’s name.

    To understand this. check this page –

    The blog I need help with is



    Unless Staff choose to change this in the theme template, the only way this can be changed throughout the theme is with CSS editing experience and the purchase of an annually renewable custom design upgrade. The alternative is to use the HTML editor and manually entering insert the coding your prefer to create blockquotes that you like. However, that would require doing the same thing every time you use blockquotes.



    Hi @razor123g,

    The quotation marks on Blockquotes are part of Chateau’s style. The proper way to credit the author of the quote is to use the “cite” tag after your blockquote. For example:

    <p>Your quotation text would go here</p>
    <cite>— The name</cite>

    Hope this helps.



    @ michiecat

    Thank you. It looks so much better than before.

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