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Removing the concept of categories completely

  1. Is there a way to have NO categories? I have a free blog. When I remove all categories, Uncategorized remains and I want NO categories in my blog. I want to use only tags.

    Alternatively, I saw a way to translate categories to tags, but not go the other way. Is there a way to make tags categories, if I can't get rid of the concept of categories?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thebirdingbunch

    There is no way to remove all categories. You don't have to use tags, but one category is required. This is why they have the default of Uncategorized.

    Yes, you can change tags to categories. On your Dashboard go to tools>import> Categories and Tags Converter. When you click on this it will say "Convert Categories (--) to Tags.", but just click on the link above that to change tags to categories.

  3. Well, darn, because I like tags, and not categories. Thanks for the way to do the tags to categories. That is my second choice. I had only seen the other way, because I looked at categories directly, I guess. Thank you for helping.

  4. Search engines treat categories and tags in exactly the same way.

  5. It has nothing to do with search engines. Wherever possible, I click not to have search engines find me. It has to do with the way my brain organizes information, and my brain doesn't like categories, just tags. =)

    Thank you. I have converted.

    Now, it made EVERY single post uncategorized, along with the category. So is there a way to mass delete that it made them all uncategorized? Or am I forced to change almost 800 posts by hand?

  6. If you do not wish to have search engine locate your content then why not make the blog private?

  7. My question wasn't aimed at privacy. The blog is as private as it needs to be.

    It's aimed at:

    I Don't Like Categories. =)

    Thanks, anyway.

  8. thebirdingbunch

    I should have mentioned about the default category, dezertsuz. I am sorry about that.

    Because of that one category requirement, the default is Uncategorized. You can change the default category, though. Create one category you wouldn't mind using on a post for when you forget or choose not to click on a category. Go to Dashboard>Posts>Categories and create a new one there. Then go to Settings> Writing and there is an option called Default Post Category. Don't forget to Save. I no longer have a category labelled Uncategorized, so I must have deleted it. Once you have a new default, you can go back to your Posts>Categories and remove it.

    Try this first and see what happens to all the Uncategorized posts. I have changed tags and categories in bulk, but I don't know if it does more than one page worth of posts. You can change categories in bulk from your All Posts page.

    I hope I did not confuse you in trying to explain this. I had a time with categories and tags when I first started blogging here, wanting to use exclusively tags as I was used to that from other places I have used. I tried both for awhile, but I felt it was just a mess of too much, so I converted all to categories and removed excess. I am down to 33 from the almost 200 tags/categories I had before.

  9. THANK YOU! That worked a treat, and I'm much happier now. =)

  10. thebirdingbunch

    You're welcome. I am glad I was able to help.

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