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Removing the Ryu search button

  1. I am using the Ryu theme and think it looks great. One hurdle I have come across is the search button located in the top-center of every page. I would like to get rid of it but can not figure out how. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't get rid of it, except if you have the Custom Design upgrade.

  3. Hi,

    just started using RYU and for some reason i can't get the gallery format to work.

    i've inserted the photos and published it, but instead of looking like a collage of photos on the home page, it just looks like the image format and i can't click on the photo to bring up the scrolling gallery.

    do i have to upload the photos in a certain way? what am i doing wrong? thanks

  4. Just recently noticed my gallery styles have converted from "square tiles" to look more like mosaic tiles. I have checked all my settings and they are all set to "square tiles". I even checked media settings. Why would this suddenly change? Any assistance to get them back into square tiles would be greatly appreciated.

  5. That is what I was afraid of. The design looks so good but I have to give it up for that one reason. Thanks justpi.

  6. @tiffanystyron
    Your blog visibility is private and Volunteers cannot view it.

  7. @lauraloe
    It appears you have changed to using the Twenty Eleven theme now.

  8. you mean mine is an older version?? so i have to get the new one?

  9. @lauraloe
    This is the blog linked to your username and it is wearing the Twenty Eleven theme. This thread is focused solely on removing the searchbox from the Ryu theme.

  10. oh sorry, yea thats not my new blog. here is my new blog you'll see that the post i posted is in gallery format, but the pics don't look like they are

  11. @lauraloe
    We cannot help with that site as you are posting to the wrong support forum. and are completely separate and have separate logins. The versions of themes by the same name at and are different.

    If you don't have a username account at WordPress.ORG click this link and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.ORG bloggers.

  12. lol, whoops, ok thanks for the help :)

  13. You're welcome.

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