Removing the scrollbar from the post editor one of the worst "improvements" yet

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    Here’s the thread on the support issue described above: Why are images tagged “size-medium” in CSS displaying at full size? I thought I put a link in the above comment.



    WP: How many days of cumbersome editing do you think it will take before formerly faithful bloggers start moving on to another more responsive and user-friendly platform? It’s five days and counting…

    Bring back, bring back — Oh bring back my scrollbar to me.


    Your software is only as good as its users think it is. How something is an improvement when the users unanimously express their dismay, hatred etc for it… This eludes me.

    WordPress needs to roll this idiocy back now. The only concession that can be offered (before users – especially paying ones – switch to Drupal or Joomla or what have you) is to enable this feature only on mobile devices.

    By the way, WordPress is no longer a major player. Flickr has dropped slideshow support for it. Other services are also dropping support for WordPress… Gee, I wonder why. Is it a conspiracy? Nah.


    Secondly, we are announcing that we are deprecating the support for our built-in sharing options for WordPress [Ed: spelled in the original with a small “p”], Blogger and LiveJournal on 3/25. Deprecating features is never an easy decision, but we have seen that all of these services combined are now adding up to less than one percent of daily share volume from Flickr.


    I might have sent that a bit early, before the part where I asked if dropping slideshow support for WordPress was a part of this action taken by Flickr.


    I asked WordPress about a refund for my domain name – not a peep. Why should I have to pay for something when they change the rules after taking my payment. I won’t be paying for any further upgrades and it’s just as well I kept my Collect Ireland blog over on Blogger and marked it private. Changing back is not going to be easy but the diabolical response to our complaints speaks volumes for what the powers that be at WordPress think of their bloggers.


    I know that many services and websites are adding apps for mobile users, tablet users, etc. One I regularly use, MetOperaOnDemand, is one. But at least they have the grace not to scorn the people who up till now have formed the base support they have: they still have the basic system to be used by those who have desktops and laptops. If weren’t so hinky, and supposedly “advanced” in their thought (if one can describe it as thought), they might look around them at what some others are doing who have a broad support base, and try to lose NONE of their supporters.



    Well, Folks are threatening to sanction WP and move on to something else. For which reason, when I asked What else?, I thought I’d get a reply. What else is out there? Now, Suppose I ditch WP (and can hopefully always still show it to people) and go with something else less robust, What’s to stop those folks from caring more about profits than people?, something which comments like this, above, addresses:

    “My guess is that the changes in 4.0 were made in consideration of the needs of the broader demographic, and in response to the changing ways that people interact with WordPress. “

    We might be many, but so what? We live in a money system. The values? We watch – most of us with perfect equanimity – while ‘our’ leaders steal, or support the theft of, whole countries for the benefit of a minority. It’s dog eat dog. That theft isn’t something benign either, as close to 1000 Gazans are dead because project of the the rehabilation of (convenient) Nazism must continue while victims (Gazans will never profit from their own gas resources just off their coast) have resources and capitalist expansion must continue. And don’t you think elites who bless and bankroll of that madness have a vested interest in ‘teaching’ the rest of us that it’s all normal? How many of us, including WP developers, don’t respond positively? Too few.

    There’s clearly too much machismo. And ego. As much as we slam the developers here for their dirty deeds and lack of democracy, when that democracy is needed most, they have in fact provided an amazing product in the WP platform. It’s sophisticated, robust (now just ‘bust’) and makes tech illiterates like myself look smart. That can never be taken from them, in one way. So, Perhaps, ego satisfied, they don’t need to prove anything to anyone. They are free to just make money, whatever it involves (remember the education aspect of our culutre) it takes, and the more the better and the ‘more’ might come from the deep pockets of other tech companies and even, unbeknownst to us, the requests of the police state to do this or that. We are many, but perhaps our dollars are not more than the dollars of those who want change that hurts us. This isn’t new.

    Democracy isn’t gone just because the poor lose welfare or First Nations have been first victims of capitalist expansion. It’s only gone, it seems, when it affects us personally. Again, That education is vital to the interests of the 1%. I hope some of us here – because it will never be everyone – can take a lesson from this debacle.


    Are you always that long winded? Yes, you are, I’ve just had a look at your blog. For God’s sake can you not post in plain English. This is about WP and their fetish with change for the sake of change which is causing serious problems for many of us…..No need to to reply to this post – and apologies for narkiness but I’m having a seriously bad couple of days which have not been helped by this BS.



    @ arrby,

    …and even, unbeknownst to us, the requests of the police state…

    I knew da coppers wuz behind this.


    They do need to bring the internal scroll bar for the editing box. At first I thought it was something on my end, but then I found out it was a deliberate change. I too make some very long posts, and having to scroll and scroll and scroll to access the bottom of the page is annoying. It also seems like anything I type in shows up slower as well. I can type a whole sentence before it shows up in the editor. I’ve been using WP for years and everything worked fine before, so why change it? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Now they broke something and they need to fix it back to where it was.


    Desktop users need scrollbars. Period. It’s stupid on’s behalf to think in either/or terms. The dashboard should have a responsive layout, rather than be one-size fits all. This is stupid. And after all, why didn’t they just sit down to improve the mobile app, which is pretty good for mobile use?



    I wouldn’t be opposed to this if the sidebar things (publish, categories, tags, etc.) followed you down the page, but having to scroll back and forth is a waste of time and effort, especially for people typing up longer posts.

    If this “improvement” was intended to help people on mobile, why not focus on adding functionality to the apps? Did they even test this to see how pointless it is on proper computers?

    And then I’ve had this happen a few times, which has required that I refresh. What a pain.



    Are any of you bloggers blogging about this? I did. I don’t have the technical smarts to say what techies might say. Nevertheless, You ‘are’ bloggers. Right? (I hope that wasn’t too many words for some of you.)



    Yep, I’m bloggers, and there’s no turning back now.



    Born that way I reckon.


    I just scrolled though the whole thread. There’s been minimal staff response, originally telling us how excited they are about this wonderful change. I added a “modlook” tag, but as I continued scrolling I saw that after several more complaints a staffer responded to a couple of minor items, so my tag wasn’t needed.

    I know that they almost never roll back their “improvements,” and I can eventually get used to this new one, but it seems to be causing far more trouble than they ever anticipated. It would be good to know that the staff were really concerned about the inconvenience this is causing for most of us.



    So this is why “proofread” is broken? As in, when I proofread a post and scroll down, all the editing buttons slide over the text, meaning 1) I can’t get to some of the text, and 2) I can’t get out of proofread mode because the button is too far down (pic stored at

    Boo hiss.


    @sloopie72 I reported this bug too. Thanks for confirming.

    Also I discovered a new bug… Couldn´t reproduce it yet but at some point I saw the text field where I write divided. In other words… I had two text fields.

    The whole editor is completely broken imo. All I can say is “Never touch a running system”. Don´t understand why they touch things that don´t really need changes. I hope they fix the mess soon.



    I also don’t like the new quirks that recently appeared in the editor.

    It’s a good verschlimmbesserung (ie: an improvement that make things worse).

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