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Removing the scrollbar from the post editor one of the worst "improvements" yet

  1. Okay, I hadn't noticed this before. The internal post editor scrollbar is created on the 21st line of text while in visual mode, at least it does on my Songbook blog using the Koi theme. However, it sometimes appears in text mode with several fewer lines of text. For example, I got it to display with 17 lines of text in text mode until I switched to visual mode and back to text mode, after which it no longer displayed.

    Hadn't noticed also that the bar is at first very long, almost the entire length of the post, but grows shorter as you add more lines.

  2. Hi there @musicdoc1,

    In my tests, the inner scrollbar appeared for me once the text had hit the bottom edge of the content box. When I did switch from Text to Visual mode, the scrollbar disappeared because the formatted text wasn't long enough to fill the entire box.

    When I switched back to Text mode, the scrollbar didn't show up as well, but that wasn't a problem because the text still had enough space around it to not warrant a scrollbar. Once I began adding more and more text, the scrollbar appeared for me consistently as expected.

    Hadn't noticed also that the bar is at first very long, almost the entire length of the post, but grows shorter as you add more lines.

    That's very normal. As the text grows, the scrollbar needs to become shorter to allow easier scrolling. If it were to stay the same size, scrolling up and down the content box would be extremely difficult.

    Hope that clears things up for you! Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  3. @druesome

    Re: scrollbar size. No, this is NOT normal behaviour. It wasn't there before, and it's undesirable. I'll give you the behaviour I'm facing (Firefox 31 on Win 7 64-bit, Linux Mint 13 KDE and Xfce, Mac OS X, Android, and Chrome 36 on the same platforms):

    When switching to the non-expanding window, one of the following two things happen:

    1. If I'm starting a new post, everything's OK.
    2. If I'm trying to edit an existing post, the scrollbar is super-long, and then:

    Scrolling up or down makes the editor's control panel move as well. So, to format something, I need to scroll back up to find the button, press it, and then go back to where I was.

    No, this is NOT "normal" behaviour. This makes things EXTREMELY difficult for me. Bring back the REALLY normal behaviour for the scrollbar, i.e. a FIXED-height window (same height as BEFORE, please), with a short scrollbar.

    Let's go to the "expanding" mode...

    If it's to become at least semi-useful, then:

    1. We need the title and URL information (along with the "Get shortlink") button to stay put and not move upwards.
    2. We need the options in the right-hand side of the two-column layout (i.e. the publish, tag and category options) to stay put and not move up or down when scrolling.
    3. Perhaps moving the helper to the right in the two-column view might help too.

    What you people need to understand is that we need to easily access the controls at all times and not scroll up and down all the time. This makes us even forget what we wanted to do and where what we wanted to format or edit was!

    People use WordPress to write really long diatribes: 3,000-, 4,000-, even 7,000-word posts. These people need to be easily accommodated, if WordPress is to be of any use to them.

  4. @ druesome,

    Thanks. I didn't really consider the first of these two items an issue. I typically compose text elsewhere and paste it in.

    Regarding the length of the scrollbar handle or knob: I'd forgotten it's secondary function, as an indicator of where you are in the post window.

    While I've got your attention, perhaps you make a suggestion as to how to get response number one to the following three support requests on three separate issues. The first two fall under the umbrella of issues which arose on or around 22 July 2014 as a result of WordPress modifications of the post/page editor, while the third issue began no later than 4 July.

    Unaddressed issues arising on or about 22 July:

    1. 22 July 2014: Cannot center paired images anymore as of July 22, since new post editor changes
    2. 21 August 2014: Can no longer remove text color in visual mode

    Issue existing since no later than early July (documented in my notes on 4 July 2014):


  5. @ druesome,

    Regarding when the scrollbar appears:
    Ran another test today. The scrollbar appears in either visual or text mode after the default size of the window is exceeded. In visual mode the scrollbar appears at the creation of the 20th line of either a page or post editor (same results in each), while in text mode it appeared on the 23rd line, due to the difference in size of the text in the two modes.

    I was not able to reproduce the result I had yesterday where, after being created, the scrollbar was retained well below the default length in text mode.

  6. @musicdoc1: I've replied to each of the threads you started. :)

  7. I also have the same issue that post editor do not show scrollbar so I need to use page scroll bar. Please tell me how can I enable post editor scroll bar. see this image of post editor.

  8. @wordinvestor
    That image shows the dashboard for a self-hosted WordPress.ORG website. This is the support forum for free WordPress.COM blogs. and are completely separate and different:

    You'll need to visit the support forum for assistance as we won’t be able to help you here: If you don't already have a username on that forum, click the register button in the upper right corner so you can post in that forum.

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