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Removing the scrollbar from the post editor one of the worst "improvements" yet

  1. @paladinjustice,

    The problem is almost like the toolbar buttons of the add new post page are fixed in place, but somehow the editing box is floating around as I scroll up and down the page to add tags and preview posts.

    Exactly. The post editor toolbar was fixed in place. That was a good change. However when the toolbar was fixed in place, they removed -- intentionally or not remains to be seen -- the editor window scrollbar and resizer (lengthener).

    The biggest problem with this that I've found so far is that it takes twice as long to make a single edit because now you've got to scroll twice. Imagine a longish post. Before you would scroll down to the line or image you wish to edit, make the edit, and update. The update button and the tags didn't move while you scrolled down to make the edit, so you could keep them just to the right of whatever paragraph, line, or image you were presently working on.

    Now, you have to scroll down to the work area, make the edit(s), and scroll back up to find the update button and the other publishing options. Twice as much work for each edit, taking twice as long.

  2. paladinjustice

    I think we're experiencing the same problem. Everything has worked fine, as intended, until today. Now, when writing a post, as I scroll down with the outside vertical scroll bar the writing I've done in the white editing box disappears behind the toolbar along with the cursor. I can still see the cursor blinking, but the blinking cursor is hovering over the toolbar or even goes up off the top of the page.

    Anyway, I'm reasonably sure I did nothing to cause the problem. Like you say, I can still work but it takes twice as long to do anything.

  3. Since yesterday, when source editing my articles, the previous double vertical scrolling (one for the text, another for the environmental meta data) is now replaced by a single scrolling.

    I find that completely inpractical, for example when copy/pasting tag data from the text area of a longer text in the tags meta area.

    User Naked Listener's screenshot shows what I mean:

    I would prefere the old version with two scrollbars!

    Firefox 31.0

  4. I've also had the following two other problems since yesterday with the new "improved" page and post editor:

    1. Can no longer center paired images side by side as I've done for the past 3 years or more. The second image now always gets bumped down to the next line. See my thread: Cannot center paired images anymore as of July 22, since new post editor changes.

    2. YouTube video codes are being stripped following update when pasted into the new "improved" WordPress page and post visual editors. I've had to switch to text mode to keep them from being stripped upon update. Can't remember ever having such a problem with YouTube videos. Been pasting them into blogs for nearly six years. Have inserted well over 10,000 YouTube videos successfully into my WordPress blogs in those six years. Then came yesterday's "improvements" to the WP post/page editors.

  5. @kreidfeuer,

    Nice snaggy image, illustrating the issue. The external scrollbar is, of course, a browser feature, not a WordPress feature.

  6. addendum to my 1:55 AM comment:

    3. Since yesterday, I'm also finding that text pasted from WordPad is being stripped in the WP visual mode of post and page editors. The case is even worse than with the stripping of YouTube video codes, because in this case they are stripped as soon as you paste, not after update. Never happened before yesterday in 6 years.

  7. thenakedlistener


    I agree with both of you. The lack/absence of the internal scrollbar makes for more effort/work to write & edit. Scrolling down all the way to the editing position & then scrolling back up to the Save Draft/Publish/Update buttons gets to be a chore after a while.

    If this is to be the new interface format, I'm sure it can be lived with. I would suggest WordPress make this improvement as well:

    - EITHER keep the "Publish" panel pinned/fixed so that we wouldn't have to scroll all over the place for the Save Draft, Publish and Update buttons during editing;

    - OR design a "Save" button somewhere in the editing toolbar to make it easier to save our edits without having to scroll around.

    I can appreciate there is a need to accommodate mobile device users, so I think at least a fixed "Save" button would be a good starting point to make this new interface more practical.

    Thanks for reading my twopence worth.

  8. @ thenakedlistener,

    Well said.

  9. I thought I could learn to like this but I don't. I absolutely hate this new change! It takes more time to actually type my posts now. I hate that the editor keeps getting longer and longer and longer and longer. My posts are sometimes very lengthy and I have to constantly scroll down the whole page, having to scroll back up again to preview my post, save, whatever the case maybe. I hope WP is listening. No one likes this. Give us back the scroll bar in the editor! And why can't we be updated when a new update is rolled out and why can't we opt out of these updates if we don't want them? I am beyond annoyed right now. This new update is literally taking all the fun out of blogging because it takes so long to do a post now.

  10. Friends,
    I would precise my problem with the new editor version (if I have a longer text):
    Whenever I set a tag, I have to copy the tagword out of the text, then scroll up (ok, that's one keystroke), then paste it in the tagging area (can here added by prename f.ex.), then scroll down to or searching the following text; and this for each tag!

    That's very impractical.

  11. I having the same problem and it's a disaster - the inner scroll bar is missing when you're editing a page. Only gone since yesterday. See pic below:

    Also today, I'm having a problem uploading images.

  12. Not Able To Define If This Is An Issue -

    Or An Attempt To Improve The Post Editor Function -

    If this is an issue then you can count me on board just noticed this in my post editor as of today - However if this is one of those improvements well its just another thing to work - around one has to adapt inner slide bar or outer - Chance Favors The Prepared Mind -

  13. @Staff
    There are multiple threads in response to the changes made to the editor. kokkieh, galois and I are tagging them all with "modlook" and with "editor issues".

  14. collectireland

    Well, I just had a chat with a WordPress rep. and according to him it's an improvement. When I said it made for more difficult posting he couldn't see why and told me "change is good". Change back to perhaps?

  15. For what it's worth, the changes that everyone is experiencing are new features in WordPress 4.0

    Not all of the new changes will apply to sites, but you can read about some of the new features, such as the changes to the post editor, and the new media grid here.

  16. Hello everyone!

    What you guys noticed is an improvement to the post editor that we are pretty excited about. The secondary scrollbar in the post editor is indeed removed, but we've made the primary sidebar work in such a way that it scrolls down your post content seamlessly with the toolbar pinned to the top.

    We recognize that this is a big change in the way we edit our posts and takes some getting used to. As always, any suggestions or ideas in improving it are welcome. For bugs, please report them by starting a new thread or opening a support ticket via

    Thank you very much!

  17. it's not an 'improvement'. it's a change. the sticky toolbar is probably an improvement, although there arguably should be a setting to allow the 'old' behavior. (i don't want one, but i expect some people might.)

    on the other hand -- the scrollbar issue. i don't want a text input area 'that big.' i would prefer the ability to select the size of my text input area and if my text is too big for that area, then provide a scrollbar. _THAT_ would be an 'improvement' because it would actually add features and flexibility and not just unilaterally say "this is the way you're going to do things from now on. it's for your own good so don't worry your pretty little heads about it."

  18. @druesome - MOSTLY - OK - but only half fixed - please Stick the Publish box at the top - I save drafts a lot - many of my Posts are long - scrolling back up to the top every few minutes to save the update will REALLY SUCK

    For an extra 3 2/3 bonus points - get rid of the really annoying jump back to the top of the page for the save - please save where I am editing - sort of like EVERY word processing program has done for DECADES


  19. To add to auxclass, the related content module of the Zemanta browser extension as well if it is at all possible. Scrolling up and down every time I want to insert an image is just ridiculous.

  20. thenakedlistener

    Perhaps it's a good point in time to summarise the pros & cons of the issue:


    (a) Fixed toolbar (where the formatting buttons are) - easier formatting.

    (b) Auto-expanding text area - apparently more suitable for mobile device users where multiple scrollbars may be problematic.

    (c) One single scrollbar (the browser's) - apparently good for mobile users and/or to streamline the general interface.


    (1) Floating 'Publish' panel on right-hand side - makes for substantially more scrolling during writing/editing to access 'Save' button, &c, especially for long posts.

    (2) Other floating righthand-side panels ('Tags,' 'Categories,' &c) - again leading to extra scrolling to access them for tagging and categorising.

    (3) Auto-expanding text area - less practical (or impractical) for non-mobile users, especially with respect to the floating 'Publish,' 'Tag,' &c panels (point 2 above).

    (4) Lack of 'Save' button in the editing toolbar - especially in view of the floating 'Publish' & related panels on the right-hand side. It is good computing practice to save the work regularly & frequently, and the floating panels detract from this.

    (5) One scrollbar - relying on the environmental scrollbar to do the work of two separate functions is not good computing practice anyway. Desktop/laptop computers are main computers & these are to provide higher functionality than mobile devices. The environmental functions of the browser works UNTIL the browser itself has issues (non-updates, &c).

    (6) No opt-out choice for new interface, especially with regard to users who blog mainly on main computers rather than mobile devices.


    Other apparent/alleged issues (related or unrelated to the new interface) mentioned in this thread or other threads (or now noticed during use):

    (7) Stripping of codes when pasting from other applications (e.g. WordPad, YouTube, &c) in either visual or text mode.

    (8) Noticeable reduction in fount size of text in the editing text box to varying degrees depending on your theme.

    (9) Alleged wordcount problems for posts as mentioned in some other threads, which I couldn't confirm or deny as of yet.

    (10) Cannot flush-centre paired images side by side, which may be an issue for some users on some themes.


    (A) Pin (make stationary) the Publish, Tag, &c, panels to make their buttons more effectually accessible.

    (B) If not (A) above, then introduce a 'Save' button in the editing toolbar to make saving an less tedious exercise. Mobile users (like my wife!) will appreciate that greatly.

    The above two actions are easily doable, by virtue of the fact that the more difficult auto-expanding text area and internal scrollbar removal have already been done.

    Commenters please advise if I've summarised the issues right. Thanks to all.

  21. @druesome
    Will you please remove the inappropriate tags in the sidebar of this thread. Apparently whoever entered them there does not know that they can be traced right back to the username account who posted them.

  22. paladinjustice

    The "internal" scroll bar is working today, but the editing box jumps around a lot and the writing I do still moves behind the tool bar at times. I have the page set up as two column and the right hand column moves as I use the external scroll bar to go up and down.

    Both columns and the editing box were in a fixed position relative to each other until yesterday. That worked beautifully, as there was not so much scrolling and boxes were not jumping around.

  23. I dislike this very much: when I start a new post, the text seems to begin after a lot of white space for some reason. I have to scroll up and down constantly to find what I want and what I'm writing. I hope this is because this "improvements" still needs to be fixed, and not because this is how it's supposed to be. I'm seriously considering going back to Blogger as well.

  24. paladinjustice

    When I posted my problem on this forum, I though maybe there was something wrong with my computer or that a file had gotten corrupted in wordpress. I see that's not true, as I learn that changes were made by the staff as to how the "add new post" page is supposed to work.

    The internal scroll bar has been restored as I just made a new post. However, the floating right hand column in the two column setup is inefficient for bloggers.

    Also, the EXTERNAL SCROLL BARS SCROLLS THE TEXT IN THE EDITING BOX. That's not efficient either, as a blogger might need to scroll up and down for the right column while looking at specific text in the editing box.

    The best way to approach this from wp's end would be either restore the old way of doing things to offer a choice on the dashboard. Choice 1: Add new post on laptop; choice 2: Add new post on mobile device.

    One size fits all solutions are rarely efficient or convenient. That's why tshirts come in different sizes. Likewise, wp. Since most people post blog articles from laptops if there's only one choice, the old choice is the best one.

  25. @druesome
    This 'improvement' makes writing more difficult, particularly for one reason. If my post is too long (which it often is), I can't simultaneously see the tags block, making it harder to copy and paste relevant tags. Why isn't pinning the sidebars an option?

  26. @moloch981
    I posted about that this morning (my time) and just got a reply from staff that they're aware of the white space issue and working on it. You can see this thread:

  27. Thanks

  28. educationrealist

    Sign me up for the complaints. It's horrible.

    As someone mentioned, the old format flashes on screen for a second, then disappears to the new way. It really doesn't work for people who have long posts. Please change it back, or give us a way to access the old way. It is NOT an improvement. It is NOT something we should have to get used to. It is a loss of functionality.

    And if this is an improvement, why would you have the second, inner scrollbar--the one that is now completely worthless--still available?

    I can't really say I find any of the new "features" worthwhile, but the scroll one can't be justified.

  29. paladinjustice

    Thank you, commenter Timethief for steering me to this forum and for being so pro-active in trying to get wp's attention.

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