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Removing the scrollbar from the post editor one of the worst "improvements" yet

  1. I have the same problem; cannot post anymore since 2 days and the middle part of my weblogs stick if I scroll down.

  2. @ thenakedlistener,

    Excellent summary of pros and cons. I'd forgotten to mention the white space issue noted by moloch981 and kokkieh. I've seen no changes today. All of the issues I mentioned above are still present:

    1. Removed internal post editor scrollbar and resizer

    2. YouTube codes and text from WordPad (also Notepad and presumably other similar editing tools) are stripped as soon as pasted into post or page editor in visual mode. Above, I mistakenly said YouTube code was removed at update. The stripping is occurring immediately upon pasting into the editor in each case. No change after automatic update of a new FF version, but I've not yet tried a reset of FF, a complete reinstall of FF to eliminate possible corruption, or other browsers

    3. Cannot center or flush-center pair images in visual editor as I've done for at least 3 years. Will have to learn a different method in HTML I suppose.

    4. White space of variable size, usually quite large, at top of editing window while in visual mode. Not present in text mode.

    @ paladinjustice,

    Interesting that you report the presence of an internal scrollbar today. I still don't have a post editor scrollbar. Has anyone else had the internal scrollbar return? And, if so, is it functioning as before?

  3. "pair images" should be "paired images"

  4. paladinjustice

    Well, a couple of hours ago, the internal scroll bar was working, but now it's not again. That tells me that the tech guys are doing something behind the scenes.

    All the crazy jumping around of the editing box is driving me crazy. But worse than that, the "preview" button freezes the computer now. I've tried three times to preview another post before publishing and the same thing happens.

  5. paladinjustice

    Returned but went away again. Now computer freezes when I hit the preview button. Was not doing that before.

  6. collectireland

    I find the 'Hi Guys' it's an improvement attitude from WordPress staff quite offensive. They depend on bloggers to keep the show on the road but we are treated like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed on .......and then patronised too. Goodnight all.

  7. Just keep saying to yourself:

    It is an improvement
    It is an improvement
    It is an improvement

    Repetition of this mantra will counter your negative thought patterns, alleviate stress, and could make you an eligible candidate for the next opening on the WordPress cheerleading squad.

    by Jack Handy

  8. Removing the scroll bar was a terrible idea. If the idea was to help IE8 users... No, I don't want to hear about concerns of compatibility with IE8. I'll be blunt about it: those retarded enough to still use IE should either develop the brain cells to start using a real browser or leave the internet for good. There are actually travel agencies who charge extra if you book using Internet Explorer, and I applaud them.

    If the concern is for mobile devices (tablets, phablets, smartphones), people should really wake up to two facts:
    A. Mobile devices are crap for blogging - unless your posts aren't more than five SMS messages long each.
    B. WordPress already has a pretty good app anyway; it's gratis. Download it and use it.

    I don't understand why "accommodating certain devices" should destroy WordPress functionality for everyone else. Here, the entire user base is put in the position of having to deal with a ruined user experience because of a minority.

    The way things are right now:
    1. When I try to edit a post, I see a lot of blank space before the first line.
    2. When I scroll down the text, the menus and options on the left and right move upwards. I have to scroll back up to access them. This is beyond terrible - Who on Earth thought this would be a good idea? Did that person try it out and found it to be usable? And how on Earth did it get past QA (IF there is such a thing as QA in WordPress, which I now highly doubt).

    Seriously, this decision was terrible and the current user experience is beyond atrocious.

  9. dandelionsalad

    I agree, collectireland. The "Hi Guys" message should have gone out yesterday and placed as a sticky post so we didn't have to waste our time on the forums wondering if this change was a technical glitch or a permanent change to the editor.

    This has happened many times over the years. I don't believe that those who are making the changes (so-called improvements) are bloggers.

  10. lensandpensbysally

    I am perplexed as to why WP would remove the internal scroll bar on the edit screen. It took me a while to figure out how to add anything, and then it took twice as long to get to the place on the post that I wanted to edit. If they're trying to make life harder for WP bloggers, they've certainly succeeded. It's frustrating.

  11. druesome,

    Calling this change an "improvement" is an insult. And telling us you're excited about it only shows that - at best - you haven't tested it at all. I blog on a real computer, not on some semi-useless hipster mobile device; although I do own a tablet, I use it only for administrative purposes and for posting short comments, because that's the best any of these devices can do.

    You shoved a terrible UX change down our throats. You know what? I'll start considering other options now. Like self-hosting and moving to a decent CMS from the competition. Unless you people wake up to reality and stop going out of your way to piss blogers off.

  12. @ monaeberhardt,

    Trying it out, or better yet, asking users to try a modification out and give feedback and suggestions are not options which have been entertained in the past six years (at least) by WP. Why would they do so now?

    Are any of you bloggers? Do you use your own tools? Do you test modifications before implementing them? Or do you just trust that, given the track record of an unbroken chain of "success," each new modification will be an "improvement," without passing the trials of practical application, and user compatibility?

  13. @musicdoc1 What you suggest is called "Quality Assurance". It's obvious that has none. The way I see it, some super-duper wiz kid barfs an idea, implements it and it just finds its way into the next version, without any kind of testing.

    BTW: I'm a paying customer here. I don't know for how long, though. As for druesome, it's painfully obvious (have a look at his "blog") that he doesn't do any real blogging - you know, any detailed and in-depth formatting, any lengthy, multi-page posts, etc. It's also obvious he just doesn't care. He really isn't the kind of person I would hire.

  14. I think this is the developers' discussion for this "improvement":

    Funny how no one noticed the problems we are having.

  15. Either make the options to save, preview, and others float along the post, so as you go down, you won't need to scroll all the way back up CONSTANTLY or moving back to Blogger is a real choice for me. This is ridiculous!

  16. Even the menu goes all the way up. I wonder how so many super-duper devs who "tested" this "improvement" didn't catch the problems... And I wonder how they OK'd this piece of trash to be put into effect without ironing out the problems. What are they thinking (if they can think at all)? I've never seen more amateurish "development" in my life.

  17. There is an option to use "Distraction Free" for those who don't want the extra sidebar with tags/categories, Zemanta, etc. Why not remove the scroll bar there and leave the basic editor the way it used to be with the scroll bar?

  18. In this comment, druesome said that we should update our browsers.

    OK druesome, my dear know-it-all. I did. I updated from Firefox 30 to 31. You know what? The editor's scrollbar appears briefly, then goes away again. When I try to edit an existing post, I see an empty sodding space and I have to scroll way down for the post to start appearing. Of course, the left and right-hand menus have moved way up by then, so to access any of their options, I'll have to scroll back up.

    How on Earth did you decide to push this "improvement" forward without ironing out the problems? Are you out of your minds? Do you know what Quality Assurance means? Are you familiar with it? Hasn't anyone told you that you must NEVER push out a seriously faulty product or update?

    Seriously, druesome... You're not a blogger. It's obvious from your own blog, whose content is utterly basic and doesn't involve much in the way of serious editing and formatting. It's also obvious that you people at NEVER test things before you push them out. You've got the same sanctimonious attitude of the people that forced the resource-hogging, slow and counter-productive Gnome 3 down our throats.

  19. When I first encountered the problem yesterday, I did all kinds of stuff. I use IE9, but downloaded chrome. No improvement. Same problems.

    Did someone at wp actually sit down and try to blog while testing this "new improved" version of the software. I think not.

    But I don't care about laying blame, I just want the thing fixed so that it works properly, without all the crazy jumping around of the edit box and the floating column, which distracts from writing and thinking about issues, as one is constantly scrolling up and down.

  20. Don't count on it. You'll get the typical open source script kiddie response "u r doin it wrong, if u dont liek it fork it".

  21.'s developers should finally realise that:

    1. Open source is no excuse for poor code
    2. Open source is no excuse for rolling out changes without first ensuring they work properly (i.e. testing them extensively and doing proper QA)
    3. Open source is no excuse for lack of support
    4. Open source is no excuse for ignoring user feedback

    But I don't think they'll listen. They say they're doing professional work, yet have the mentality of a teenage hobbyist.

  22. So from what I'm understanding, it's this change that's creating the stupid blank space at the top of any post when I try to edit them today?

    If that's the case, I'd also have to say I'm not a fan of this "improvement". It's making editing a post to get it right a huge chore. Might be worth rolling it back while you work out the bugs... staff would be getting a lot less complaints to handle if they did.

    Ahhh.... and a quick "heads-up" about any future changes before they are implemented would keep most from deluging you with the inevitable "WTF?" posts too.... Just a thought.

  23. @mistressneko, what you're asking for is called Quality Assurance. I highly doubt anyone in is familiar with it. I think that, if I tried to explain it to them, their heads would explode.

  24. >1. Open source is no excuse for poor code

    don't confuse 'design decisions you disagree with' with 'poor code' -- they aren't the same thing. and open source code is, in my experience, (on average) AT LEAST as good as commercial-closed-source code.

    >2. Open source is no excuse for rolling out changes without first >ensuring they work properly (i.e. testing them extensively and doing >proper QA)

    lack of testing is not unique to any type of code development. (anecdote: i wrote a story about a major-ish computer company that released multiple software patches that had never been tested -- i managed to prove that. since many QA problems come from a rush to meet deadlines, i would venture the opinion that open source code is probably _less_ likely to have QA problems.

    >3. Open source is no excuse for lack of support

    actually, open source kinda sorta is. it's the nature of the beast. for 'much' open source support comes from the community and, ultimately, from you: you have the source code, so fix it. if that's a showstopper, then don't use that software. wordpress (.com, for certain) is a complicated situation.

    >4. Open source is no excuse for ignoring user feedback

    see #2.

  25. I've seen poor code in both proprietary and open source software; such as medical records software without foreign keys in its database (which also isn't sanitised, and is terribly vulnerable to SQL injections).

    As for QA: I attend Linden Lab's open source development user group meetings every week; the amount of alpha testing, beta testing, RC testing and QA scrutiny that each commit goes through has to be seen to be believed. And still, bugs do get through, but at least both the corporate devs and the third-party viewer developers acknowledge them and work on them. Here, we see denial.

    Re: support. No, it's not. Well, it is, if what you're writing is a little gizmo of very limited usefulness and interest (like most of the abandoned projects on Sourceforge). But when you're developing something that aims to take up a big portion of its market (like WordPress does), you absolutely need proper support. Otherwise, you'll be superseded by others who "get it", and users won't care if the software is proprietary or open source - they want something that works, and a team that listens and helps.

  26. thenakedlistener did create a very good list!

    Awesome round up. I see more cons than pros. The whole change is miserable in my opinion. Problem is... wordpress is my blogging home and hell yea... it would be too great if we don´t get forced to this kind of heavy changes or at least informed so that we can run riot before the changes impact our writing life. A lot of usability is taken away, it´s not an improvement, changes are always annoying especially if destroy more than they improve.

    Also there are several annoying bugs since the change that appear randomly sometimes, sometimes not...

    1. It happened that the edit bar (where are icons like link / b-quote and so are) moved away from it´s place and changed from a horizontal to a vertical and placed it´s aside the editor (totally broken).

    2. Proofread button does not work in the text editor sometimes while it works in the visual editor. The whole text I wrote will not be visible anymore if I click it. But if I click the button again to disable proofread, the text will appear again.

    3. At times but rare... if I hit enter key to create a paragraph, it might happen that text in the paragraph before will be deleted. This is a rare bug but happened few times already.

    But sometimes the problems are gone for a while. I deleted cookies and cache with ccleaner and it didn´t help. But later, everything worked again, that is strange. But I´m not sure for how long.

  27. Interesting . . . my topic ( was closed to replies right after implied I'm using insults.

    "We really appreciate constructive feedback about why you don't like the changes, with specifics. Those types of comments are a great thing to add to that thread.

    If you just have insults, then it would not be very constructive or helpful to add."

    I'm pretty sure I did not use any insults, and it's also pretty obvious my constructive criticism is to return the slider to its rightful useful place.

    I was annoyed before, but now I've graduated to irritated. If I wanted to be insulting, I would do so openly. I'm very good at it, so I don't appreciate the implication that what I wrote was insulting (critical, yes); it's an open slam on my ability to insult.

    But, as Mal says, air through the engine . . . here's some 'constructive criticism'. WordPress seems to have recognized the segment of bloggers that likes to put up long posts. In fact, I believe they suggested tags for them so that others who like something more than the single-picture-post can find them.

    It then seems strange to me WordPress would implement a change that specifically negatively affects those individuals.

    I also respectfully suggest that the statement " is always experimenting to try to get better" seems to contradict the other statement "If the changes we make here are disruptive in a way that requires you leave, we'll be sad to see you go, but we understand. "

    For one, few people choose to leave when things "get better".

    Second, that sounds to me like a strong suggestion that I should in fact depart, and that perhaps WP won't be overly sad to see me go. It reads exactly like "so long, and good riddance."

    . . . of course, I'm easily insulted, so I could be misreading that . . .

  28. [opinion] Based on my observations we WordPress.COM users are blogging on the guinea pig platform for all WordPress version updates, and the likelihood we will ever be consulted prior to any changes being made, whether or not we have paid for upgrades, is next to nil. About a month after users have been co-opted into providing only positive feedback aimed at improving whatever unannounced and unwelcome changes that have been sprung on us, adjustments will have been made, and the new version will be released to WordPress.ORG users. [/opinion]

  29. Cursor can sometimes be seen in toolbar area, but when you type something, you can't see what you're typing in that case. Sometimes cursor goes ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP OF THE SCREEN. I see the cursor but can't see what I'm typing as I go along. Have to use outside scroll bar to get text to show. and then have limited screen area to correct typos.


  30. Not sure if it's related to the ongoing discussion . . .

    Just tried a number of times to "export" my blog (you know, strictly for backup purposes), and each time, after a few minutes, the page changes to "This webpage is not available".

    At first I thought maybe the file was downloaded and the window closed, but I don't see the file in my download folder, nor does it show up in a search of my hard drive.

    Now, far be it for me to be insulting, but I'm wondering if my data is being held as ransom until, you know, I come around to a more positive view of WordPress and their continuing effort to make itself "better".

    Or is this yet another change rolled out by WordPress?

    And, yes, I will post this under the appropriate topic.

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