Removing the scrollbar from the post editor one of the worst "improvements" yet

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    I have the same problem; cannot post anymore since 2 days and the middle part of my weblogs stick if I scroll down.



    @ thenakedlistener,

    Excellent summary of pros and cons. I’d forgotten to mention the white space issue noted by moloch981 and kokkieh. I’ve seen no changes today. All of the issues I mentioned above are still present:

    1. Removed internal post editor scrollbar and resizer

    2. YouTube codes and text from WordPad (also Notepad and presumably other similar editing tools) are stripped as soon as pasted into post or page editor in visual mode. Above, I mistakenly said YouTube code was removed at update. The stripping is occurring immediately upon pasting into the editor in each case. No change after automatic update of a new FF version, but I’ve not yet tried a reset of FF, a complete reinstall of FF to eliminate possible corruption, or other browsers

    3. Cannot center or flush-center pair images in visual editor as I’ve done for at least 3 years. Will have to learn a different method in HTML I suppose.

    4. White space of variable size, usually quite large, at top of editing window while in visual mode. Not present in text mode.

    @ paladinjustice,

    Interesting that you report the presence of an internal scrollbar today. I still don’t have a post editor scrollbar. Has anyone else had the internal scrollbar return? And, if so, is it functioning as before?



    “pair images” should be “paired images”


    Well, a couple of hours ago, the internal scroll bar was working, but now it’s not again. That tells me that the tech guys are doing something behind the scenes.

    All the crazy jumping around of the editing box is driving me crazy. But worse than that, the “preview” button freezes the computer now. I’ve tried three times to preview another post before publishing and the same thing happens.


    Returned but went away again. Now computer freezes when I hit the preview button. Was not doing that before.


    I find the ‘Hi Guys’ it’s an improvement attitude from WordPress staff quite offensive. They depend on bloggers to keep the show on the road but we are treated like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed on …….and then patronised too. Goodnight all.



    Just keep saying to yourself:

    It is an improvement
    It is an improvement
    It is an improvement

    Repetition of this mantra will counter your negative thought patterns, alleviate stress, and could make you an eligible candidate for the next opening on the WordPress cheerleading squad.

    by Jack Handy


    Removing the scroll bar was a terrible idea. If the idea was to help IE8 users… No, I don’t want to hear about concerns of compatibility with IE8. I’ll be blunt about it: those retarded enough to still use IE should either develop the brain cells to start using a real browser or leave the internet for good. There are actually travel agencies who charge extra if you book using Internet Explorer, and I applaud them.

    If the concern is for mobile devices (tablets, phablets, smartphones), people should really wake up to two facts:
    A. Mobile devices are crap for blogging – unless your posts aren’t more than five SMS messages long each.
    B. WordPress already has a pretty good app anyway; it’s gratis. Download it and use it.

    I don’t understand why “accommodating certain devices” should destroy WordPress functionality for everyone else. Here, the entire user base is put in the position of having to deal with a ruined user experience because of a minority.

    The way things are right now:
    1. When I try to edit a post, I see a lot of blank space before the first line.
    2. When I scroll down the text, the menus and options on the left and right move upwards. I have to scroll back up to access them. This is beyond terrible – Who on Earth thought this would be a good idea? Did that person try it out and found it to be usable? And how on Earth did it get past QA (IF there is such a thing as QA in WordPress, which I now highly doubt).

    Seriously, this decision was terrible and the current user experience is beyond atrocious.


    I agree, collectireland. The “Hi Guys” message should have gone out yesterday and placed as a sticky post so we didn’t have to waste our time on the forums wondering if this change was a technical glitch or a permanent change to the editor.

    This has happened many times over the years. I don’t believe that those who are making the changes (so-called improvements) are bloggers.


    I am perplexed as to why WP would remove the internal scroll bar on the edit screen. It took me a while to figure out how to add anything, and then it took twice as long to get to the place on the post that I wanted to edit. If they’re trying to make life harder for WP bloggers, they’ve certainly succeeded. It’s frustrating.



    Calling this change an “improvement” is an insult. And telling us you’re excited about it only shows that – at best – you haven’t tested it at all. I blog on a real computer, not on some semi-useless hipster mobile device; although I do own a tablet, I use it only for administrative purposes and for posting short comments, because that’s the best any of these devices can do.

    You shoved a terrible UX change down our throats. You know what? I’ll start considering other options now. Like self-hosting and moving to a decent CMS from the competition. Unless you people wake up to reality and stop going out of your way to piss blogers off.



    @ monaeberhardt,

    Trying it out, or better yet, asking users to try a modification out and give feedback and suggestions are not options which have been entertained in the past six years (at least) by WP. Why would they do so now?

    Are any of you bloggers? Do you use your own tools? Do you test modifications before implementing them? Or do you just trust that, given the track record of an unbroken chain of “success,” each new modification will be an “improvement,” without passing the trials of practical application, and user compatibility?


    @musicdoc1 What you suggest is called “Quality Assurance”. It’s obvious that has none. The way I see it, some super-duper wiz kid barfs an idea, implements it and it just finds its way into the next version, without any kind of testing.

    BTW: I’m a paying customer here. I don’t know for how long, though. As for druesome, it’s painfully obvious (have a look at his “blog”) that he doesn’t do any real blogging – you know, any detailed and in-depth formatting, any lengthy, multi-page posts, etc. It’s also obvious he just doesn’t care. He really isn’t the kind of person I would hire.


    I think this is the developers’ discussion for this “improvement”:

    Funny how no one noticed the problems we are having.


    Either make the options to save, preview, and others float along the post, so as you go down, you won’t need to scroll all the way back up CONSTANTLY or moving back to Blogger is a real choice for me. This is ridiculous!


    Even the menu goes all the way up. I wonder how so many super-duper devs who “tested” this “improvement” didn’t catch the problems… And I wonder how they OK’d this piece of trash to be put into effect without ironing out the problems. What are they thinking (if they can think at all)? I’ve never seen more amateurish “development” in my life.


    There is an option to use “Distraction Free” for those who don’t want the extra sidebar with tags/categories, Zemanta, etc. Why not remove the scroll bar there and leave the basic editor the way it used to be with the scroll bar?


    In this comment, druesome said that we should update our browsers.

    OK druesome, my dear know-it-all. I did. I updated from Firefox 30 to 31. You know what? The editor’s scrollbar appears briefly, then goes away again. When I try to edit an existing post, I see an empty sodding space and I have to scroll way down for the post to start appearing. Of course, the left and right-hand menus have moved way up by then, so to access any of their options, I’ll have to scroll back up.

    How on Earth did you decide to push this “improvement” forward without ironing out the problems? Are you out of your minds? Do you know what Quality Assurance means? Are you familiar with it? Hasn’t anyone told you that you must NEVER push out a seriously faulty product or update?

    Seriously, druesome… You’re not a blogger. It’s obvious from your own blog, whose content is utterly basic and doesn’t involve much in the way of serious editing and formatting. It’s also obvious that you people at NEVER test things before you push them out. You’ve got the same sanctimonious attitude of the people that forced the resource-hogging, slow and counter-productive Gnome 3 down our throats.


    When I first encountered the problem yesterday, I did all kinds of stuff. I use IE9, but downloaded chrome. No improvement. Same problems.

    Did someone at wp actually sit down and try to blog while testing this “new improved” version of the software. I think not.

    But I don’t care about laying blame, I just want the thing fixed so that it works properly, without all the crazy jumping around of the edit box and the floating column, which distracts from writing and thinking about issues, as one is constantly scrolling up and down.


    Don’t count on it. You’ll get the typical open source script kiddie response “u r doin it wrong, if u dont liek it fork it”.

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