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Removing the search form from the Twenty-Eleven Header

  1. When the title is removed (and header remains) from the Twenty-Eleven Theme the search form is automatically added to the navigation bar. How do I alter this and remove the search form all-together?

    - Mike

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just in case this re-positioning may suit you see here >

  3. @TT: That re-positioning "will put it in the right end of the navigation bar", which is exactly what Mike doesn't want.

    @Mike: Add this to the CSS editor:

    #branding #searchform {

    If you wish, you can add the Search widget to your sidebar instead.

  4. I would recommend also taking away the right padding from inside the navigation bar if you're going to hide the search box from there.

    #branding #searchform {
    #branding .only-search + #access div {
    	padding-right: 0px;
  5. Thanks you panaghiotisadam & designsimply. These alterations met my desire perfectly! Thank you both.

  6. +1 thanks panaghiotisadam, you are appreciated! :)

  7. When I tried
    #branding #searchform {<br /> display:none;<br /> }

    It didn't work until I removed #branding

    I'm a newbie and curious, can anyone tell me why?

  8. @jenbruce, we need a link to the site you are talking about. CSS is theme specific and if you aren't using the same theme, then the solution will likely be different.

  9. @designsimply

    Thanks, worked perfectly!

  10. @jenbruce, one reason might be that you were using a different theme and that's why the #branding part of the selector wasn't needed, or you were trying to remove a search form from the sidebar area and not the #branding area.

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