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Removing the word "Protected" from posts

  1. Hello. Is there any way to remove the word "Protected" from the title of password protected posts without removing the password? Thanks.

  2. If you are logged in, go to the "edit" page of your post that is showing as "protected". That or go to the Admin => Manage and go to the edit of the post that way. Once in the post, on the right hand side there is "post status" and then change that from "private" to "publish" and that should sort out those posts.


  3. But that will remove the password protection, won't it?

  4. *Slaps Myself* Thanks Raincoster. Even if they did what I said, it wouldn't have made a difference because it is not "private" but "protected" (password protected). So.....back to the original question....I am afraid that if you password protect a post you cannot remove the 'protected' from the post title. Sorry about the confusion that I created and thank to Raincoster for keeping my 'oversight' in reading the post in line....!


  5. As it stands right now I'm 99.998% Sure that the "Protected: Your posts name" can not be removed from postings without removing the actual password from those posts.

  6. Agreed. IIRC, it's hardcoded. I know we can't with the private tag.

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