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    I’m trying to remove the timestamp from my posts on It seems to me that Benevolence is one of the few templates that includes a timestamp on each post along with the date, and I’d like to be able to just have the date posted. I understand that I’d probably need to purchase the CSS upgrade for this, and that’s fine, but I checked out the CSS code and didn’t see anything about a date …

    Do I just need to deal with it, or move to a different theme?

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t figure out a way to change it without removing the whole date, tags, and categories section.

    You’ll just have to live with it or choose a new theme.


    What would I remove to get rid of that entire section, do you know?


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    @1tess, that is a brilliant work-around. Thank you!



    @1tess: that’s awesome.

    @pants: to remove the whole section you’d edit the .cite class and add display:none


    @aw1923: Thanks, for the future.

    As an aside, if you just put D in the box, it displays the day of the week. (I just found that out on accident.)


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    Hey Hi all ya all!!!

    You are very much most welcome, but please note that is is our fellow volunteer Panos who makes me look so smart! It is his post I sited: he has many brilliant workarounds for all sorts of thingsā€¦


    @pantsdesign: D is part of the standard coding for date and time – see here:


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    thanks. hadn’t noticed that. lol


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