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    Does anyone know how to remove timestamp? specifically, when i wrote a new page (about), it displayed the date and time stamp under the title “about”. I didnt want that to show for the simple reason that I wanted it to appear like a permanent page on my blog, and not a page/post that can be edited or replaced by a more recent one anytime. did that sound confusing? i mean, i wanted it to look like an About page, not a blogpost with timestamp.



    Metadata can only be removed with the CSS upgrade and it will remove them from everything.

    I have comments closed on my pages, which lessens the “post” look. I don’t really pay attention to timestamps, unless the context seems pegged to a particular date or event.


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you can go under settings and delete the time-stamp function. Only thing is, it will delete time stamp on all entries across the board. When you go into settings, the very first page it brings you to, go down to time, and delete the coding which is in there. Time stamp will no longer show. If you were smart, you’d click and copy the coding, so that if you change your mind, you can paste it back in.

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