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    Hi there,

    I’ve developed a “Supposedly Clean” theme using sandbox (well, my personal version of it), and I’m having a hard time with some widgets on my sidebar. I didn’t put it there and it’s not selected on the widgets tool on my dashboard. In fact, if I select one of them on the widget tool, it’ll show two of the same on my sidebar, as you can see on:

    Any tips for my CSS? I was able to remove all I didn’t want on my theme, like blog title, blog description, etc… but this!


    Saulo “Made in Brazil” Frota

    PS: Yes, I’m on, not .org



    The Supposed Clean theme is not coded to be a “widget ready” theme. Neither is the Ambiru theme nor the Green Marinee theme.


    if your widgets aren’t behaving as they should, you should send in feedback.

    if you don’t put widgets in one of the sidebars, the default sidebar will show up (that’s what’s going on with your second sidebar). you can just add a text widget with nothing in it, and that will clear out the sidebar. otherwise you can always
    #secondary { display: none; }

    nice work on your theme, btw



    Problem solved!
    All I had to do was place widgets on both bars.

    Once again I spent several hours on a 2 minutes problem…
    well, who hasn’t?

    Thanks for the help and for the complement, sunburn! I owe u a lot for my theme, I learned a lot studying the “bus full of hippies” source code.

    Timethief, I think u misunderstood what I said. I’m not using “Supposedly Clean”, I’m using Sandbox. But thanks anyway!

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