Removing widgets? problem.

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    I did see you address this problem , by dragging widget to bottom
    left of the widgets columns but I tried this and it just pops back
    up to the sidebar again. What am I doing wrong please?
    Thank you,


    You need to drag it down into the “available widgets” pane below the “sidebar” box. Drag it to the upper left of the available widgets box and the widget titles there will move over. Then just release the mouse button.



    Try like that:
    Drag the widget from the “Side bar” to the bottom box. Then do as you press the moving-widget onto the existing widgets (from the top row) there so that they move down.
    Then release the mouse.
    Best luck!



    I tried this and it doesnt work! I dragged the widget down to the avaliable widgets and pressed it onto the existing widgets but it just keeps going back up!
    help please.



    I’m not sure there’s much else we can say if that’s not working for you. What browser are you using? You could try a different one, see if you get different results with that; if you’re using either Opera or Safari, Firefox would be a better choice.



    There are some bloggers on the forum all reporting the same thing. The inability to update or delete widgets. All of you need staff help. Support hours are weekdays 9-5 PM and here’s the link


    I had the same problem, but managed to drop a widget back into the widget box by dropping it BETWEEN the widgets. It didn’t work if I tried to drop it to the empty space of the box, but when I moved it between the other widgets, they “made space” and it then dropped there. I used IE.



    I finally found the answer to this for me anyway. I have been using I.E now I am using
    Firefox and deleting the widget works just fine !! I guess it was a browser problem.
    Thank you to all for the help!



    Glad it helped. Firefox is a great browser as well, so I think you’ll like it! Happy blogging. :)

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