Removing/Altering Parts of 'Clean Home' Theme

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    Much faster loading, and the search engines will like that. They actually use page loading times when determining search engine ranking now, so the faster pages load the better off you are. Visitors like that as well.

    The first selector is for the non-link title on the single post pages, and the second is the linked title on the blog main page and on category, tags and archives pages.

    .hentry h1
    .hentry h1 a

    The above selectors will also get the static page titles.


    Thank you!

    I’m not understanding where to place the selectors you gave me above and with what.


    You need to go into your account over at typekit and somewhere there in the setup you can select the fonts and specify the selectors. I’ve not done it myself. Read through the following and see if that helps.


    Actually this link seems to have more information on using it with a theme that is not directly supported. Some of the stuff does not apply since you don’t have to worry about adding the code to the theme or anything, WordPress does that for you. You just have to put the selectors in (second image from the bottom).


    (@Rich: I had given the same selectors here:
    But I wanted to know which method Meg had used before continuing with this.)

    @Meg: See here:

    You sign in with Typekit, find the font you want, paste the selectors in the Selectors field, click Publish. Or click “Advanced” below the Selectors field, copy the CSS name of the font and add it to your CSS the normal way, for example:

    .hentry h1, .hentry h1 a {
    font-family: “fertigo-pro-1″,”fertigo-pro-2”;


    Yes! That makes perfect sense.
    Thank you!
    Definitely one of those things easy to skip over on TypeKit.
    I really appreciate all of your help!


    One more thing: why can’t I have a plugin for LinkedWithin?


    Is it possible to make the headers bigger?


    Got your coding to add for the lines to go away between posts. How can I apply that to links in the right sidebar?


    1) blogs don’t support plugins.

    2) Your header is the blog title / header image area. What does headers (plural) mean?

    3) The fact that you were seeing a similar line in both cases doesn’t necessarily mean you apply the same coding. In this theme the line between the posts is a divider line while the line above each sidebar link is a top border to list items and the line below is a bottom border to the list. To remove those lines:

    #sidebar .block ul, #sidebar .block li {
    border: none;

    PS I wonder why you chose Clean Home when you’re leaving nothing of it.


    Why can’t it support plugins? And if this is the case why are there sites and forums like this:

    Just curious. I would really like to be able to use plugins and wondering how I can. I know a lot of people on WordPress who switch from Blogspot and seem to make it work.

    I meant both blog post titles and and the widget titles by headers (oops! :) )

    As for deleting things, WordPress doesn’t offer a way to easily construct a blog, and in terms of design- none of the blogs fit my fancy. They all have too much, hence why i remove a lot of it, and more importantly to make it more of my own.


    Member vs. is a hosted blog service. You do not have to download software, pay for hosting or manage a web server. does not permit uploading themes or plugins. is free software. You can install themes and plugins, run ads, and edit the database. Check out our article on the differences. >



    Her’s my own quick answer. this is a multiuser blogging platform with millions of us blogging on the same platform. All using the same theme are using the same template. One bad bit of script in one funky plugin could bring a lot of blogs. So for security reasons there is no FTP access allowed to free hosted blogs, and iframes, Javascript and forms codes are stripped out by the software.

    WordPress doesn’t offer a way to easily construct a blog, and in terms of design- none of the blogs fit my fancy.

    this is available to you. Hire a web host and download a free software install form Then you can do as you wish and the only risk to security will be to your own free standing self-hosted blog.


    Ok, thanks!!

    One more questioning on making the headers change for Typekit…

    Under each post there is a header that says the amount of comments on the post, in the same post header and widget header font:

    Like here:

    Is it possible to override that and add the selectors within TypeKit to make the Typekit font show in this PARTICULAR case? Is this possible for the commenters names as well? (Not sure where to get selector names/titles)

    Thanks for all of your help! You are all CSS gods.



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    Spam Removed Thank you for the report!



    Selector for commenter’s username:

    #comments cite a

    Selector for linking items in the post metadata:

    .hentry small a

    I don’t know if you can isolate the leave a commnent / number of comments tab in particular: the CSS gods here are devblog and thesacredpath, not me!


    Thank you so much. This selector stuff is hard to find info on, so thanks for putting up with all of these ridiculous questions!


    If you haven’t already tried it, you should check out Firebug for Firefox. You can use it to right-click on an element and see the selectors.

    In the Clean Home theme, there is not an id or name attribute for the number of comments in the post-meta line, so you can’t use selectors to set a separate font for that particular item with Typekit on


    Thanks designsimply.
    ( As for Firebug, I had made the same suggestion in one of my first replies: )

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