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Rename a link

  1. I'd like to link to some writing sample on my mostly static website (twenty eleven). I would like to rename the links so they do no display as lengthy and ugly urls.

    If I click the Insert/Edit Link button, I can rename the url, but this only renames the tooltip when I hover my mouse over the link.

    Can we rename urls in twenty eleven?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. um, in the post above, "sample" should be samples and "no" should be not. yikes. Should have proofed before I clicked Submit!

  3. The theme is irrelevant, we cannot change permalink structure on any free hosted blogs.

    The post/page slug is the part of the URL between the last two forward slashes. You can modify the post/page slug by clicking the Edit button next to it and shortening it.

  4. If the inability to change permalink structure on free hosted blogs is a deal breaker for you then you can hire a web host and set up a install.
    For more on the differences:

  5. I do not want to link to post or a page in my website. I would like to link to an external web page, but shorten the url or rename it. Perhaps this was not clear in my initial post.

  6. I figured it out and problem solved. I'm not sure why I could not get it to work previously, but it does now! Case closed.

  7. Hooray! and best wishes with your blog. :)

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