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    I use the Structure theme, and would like to rename my page HOME. Is there any way to just rename it?
    My goal is that the first page of my blog and my posts is the same page, but that the name is not HOME.

    And if it´s not possible to rename home:
    I´m able to remove it by using a custom menu and change the reading-settings so that my posts appear at the page I want to (and the HOME is not showing at my menu), but I´m not able to change the fact that the first page will be home – also this static page. Is there any way of making one of my own pages as the first page of my blog when you use the url?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. If I understand correctly, you already know that you can create your own custom menu, with or without “Home” (or whatever you wish to call it). You want your visitors who go to to land on a specific page rather than your most recent posts? You can do so by following these instructions:



    Thanks for you answer.

    I want my visitors to go to and land on the page for my posts, but I want this page to be called travelblog in stead of home (so I dont want the frontpage to be a static page).

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