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    Hi, I am currenty trying to get familiar to what I can do with my blog and I have a problem I cannot solve: I would like to rename the page “home” on my blog – the aim is that the recent posts are still visible on the first page my visitors get to, but it should have another name than “home”.

    I found the question was already raised here on the blog but there is no answer that helps me. Thanks for any how-to-do-this-in-simple-steps-advice!


    The blog I need help with is


    I am not sure if this is theme specific, but I’ll tell you what I can do through the Dashboard. Go to Appearance> Menus. My menu is titled Preferred Menu and it lists all the pages. There page titled Home says “Custom” and a little arrow. Click on that and there is the option to change its “Navigation label”.

    I removed the Home tab/page because clicking on the blog title in the header will bring people right back to the posts.

    I hope this helped. I had quite a time when I first started blogging trying to learn all this.



    @thebirdingbunch: Your suggestion is correct, and it’s not theme specific.

    @gretainberlin: For more on custom menus see here:

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