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    Once the url in saved to my post and the link works…is it possible to edit the url so that the reader sees “click here” “go here” or “more info” instead of having the url in my post?

    I have a mac and sometimes the usual way to do things doesn’t work for me. This is a follow up question to this one resolved by Dr. Mike



    click here is generally bad form, but i think you missed the point of drmike’s answer.

    1) type what you want the link to say (e.g. ‘click here’)
    2) copy the url you want to link to.
    3) select the ‘click here’ text
    4) click the link button, and paste in the url.

    that’ll give you something like

    <a href="">click here</a>

    NOTE: just because i’m using ‘click here’ as an example, that’s not meant to contradict the w3c link. please use descriptive text.



    Search engine spiders are big on descriptive text within a link.



    What are search engine spiders? sounds scary….



    Thanks sunburntkamel. Now I get it and it worked. I LOVE!


    search engine spiders are the part of google/yahoo/msn that comes and finds your website, reads it, and adds it to their index.

    once you’ve been spidered, then you’ll start showing up in search results.



    So that sounds like a good thing for blog traffic,right?



    also good karma for the people you’re linking to, and better usability for your readers.



    I only use it when I’m linking to an article for the second time in a post, like if I introduce it in the first paragraph, write a lot of intermediate stuff, then say “and for more info, don’t forget to click here” or something. Is that out of bounds or appropriate? I’ve already given them the named-link juice, and don’t want to sound repetitive.


    i dunno. i still occasionally use ‘clicky’ or ‘click here’, when i’ve completely run out of intelligent commentary. it’s just a guideline, not a hard and fast law.



    I use click here all of the time myself. I will change the text of the link though when I feel like that it’s important though. *chuckle* Sort of like when you use “mindless idiot” when you link to Bush’s home page. :)

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