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    I have a pdf file that I have uploaded in Media. The file has some errors so I need to replace it. I permanently deleted the file and uploaded the corrected version, but it is named differently than the original; if the original version was file.pdf the corrected version is file1.pdf. I want the file to be named file.pdf, so that anyone who has already linked to the file will get the corrected version instead of a “missing file” message. How can I change the filename?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. To my knowledge, due to the way works, you cannot rename a file once it’s uploaded or replace an old file with a new one while keeping the same filename. Or maybe there is a way but it’s not so easy.



    I never link directly to a file – I always put the file in a Post or Page and send the link to the Page or Post – that way when I need to update a file I just upload a new file and give it a new name (so that visitors can keep things straight on their PC) and change the link.

    I have also been known to put a note about the file being updated as of xxxxx date.

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