Renamed blog doesn't appear in search engine after I did address change??

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    I had an old blog called Mel’s Kvell and Kvetch and decided to rename it to fit the content that I was posting. I was nervous to lose my old posts and subscribers so I kept the old blog name alive. To be honest, even if I delete the old blog address/name, I’d still have the same problem. Basically, Google isn’t indexing my new blog.

    My question is that nothing turns up in Google or search engines with my new blog. The only results I get now are for the old blog, which looks really bad since the old/original blog no longer has any content.

    I should mention that I did an address change, not just a title change. It’s been a few weeks now so I’m not sure if timing is the answer.

    In a nutshell, I’m wondering how to get people to find my renamed blog on the Internet.


    The blog I need help with is


    It can take several weeks for search engines to start indexing new blogs and sites. Just be patient. Also make sure that you’ve got your privacy settings, set to the the correct option. Dashboard – Settings – Reading, then on that page, by ‘Site Visibility’ select “Allow search engines to index this site” then scroll down and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

    It might also be a matter of the material already having been published… search engines, particularly Google, don’t like duplicate content. Another volunteer here might be able to help you more with that.

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